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The Streamlined QuickBooks Integration that Law Firms Have Been Missing

Rocket Matter’s user-friendly QuickBooks integration provides law firms with an effortless system for accrual accounting, legal fee income, trust accounting, and adjustments.


Features that Simplify the Law Firm Accounting Processes

Fast and Easy Syncing

Rocket Matter’s Intuit App Center allows for easy and fast syncing. A single click in Rocket Matter and a single click within QuickBooks is all it takes to instantly populate your firm’s accounting information into the appropriate fields.

No More Exporting and Re-Importing

The inefficiencies of exporting and re-importing cumbersome QuickBooks IIF and QBXML files disappear with Rocket Matter’s unique Intuit App Center firm login. No uploads and duplicated entries are required, saving valuable law firm time and resources.

Seamless Transition with One-on-One Attention

Firms with PC and desktop versions of QuickBooks receive a Rocket Matter support specialist to ensure a successful setup and syncing process from start to finish.

Exceptional Security and Reliability

Rocket Matter encrypts all billing data and prevents unauthorized access to account information with password protection and consistent security monitoring.

Detailed Reporting Capabilities

Synced of billing and accounting details makes it easy to generate the comprehensive reports that firms need for planning and external firm accountants need for auditing.

An Affordable Legal Accounting Solution

Offered as an add-on feature, Rocket Matter’s QuickBooks Integration is affordable at an additional $14.99 per month. Discounts for quarterly, yearly, and biennial terms are also available.

A Robust Integration Helping Law Firms Effortlessly Connect Accounting Details Between Two Systems

With powerful features that are easy to use, you can connect invoices, expenses, payments, trust account credits, debits, contacts, and vendors using Rocket Matter’s full-featured QuickBooks integration.

Top Notch Law Practice Management Integrated with the Accounting Software You Know

When you choose Rocket Matter legal practice management software for your firm, there is no need to undo your current accounting processes. Our QuickBooks integration features makes your transition quick and easy.

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