Neil Gorsuch

SCOTUS Nomination Part Two: Neil Gorsuch

Donald Trump announced yesterday his nomination for the United States Supreme Court: Judge Neil Gorsuch. So, who is this man that has suddenly become a household name? Gorsuch, 49, is currently a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit Court in Colorado, his home state. According to a White House press release, “Judge Gorsuch is a […]

Five Ways Lawyers Can Turn Around a Bad Day

Five Ways Lawyers Can Turn Around a Bad Day

  We’ve all been there. Maybe you got stuck in traffic on your way to work, one of your motions was denied, and then a client sent you a nasty email. Maybe the news about politics is getting you down. Or maybe you just woke up feeling blue for no particular reason. Whatever it is, you’re […]

How Lawyers Can Honor Martin Luther King, Jr.

Top Ways Lawyers Can Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Today we celebrate and honor Martin Luther King, Jr., a leader in the Civil Rights Movement. His birthday was January 15th, and as you probably know we celebrate it the third Monday of January. We’re hoping you are not at work, but we know that many of you are. In fact, while government employees have […]

Jeff Sessions

Sessions Confirmation Hearing: Law School Professors Take a Stand

Embed from Getty Images   The hearings to confirm Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General are well under way. However, the question remains whether or not the Senate Judiciary Committee will take into consideration the opinion of law school professors from around the country. Earlier this month, more than 1400 faculty members from 180 different law schools […]

The Best New Year's Resolutions for Lawyers in 2017

It’s that time of year again! Here are some great resolutions for lawyers that will make you healthier and happier and your firm more successful. What a great way to start 2017. Happy New Year! Take Care of Yourself You’ve probably heard that there’s more depression in the legal field than in any other. In […]

The Surprising Benefits of Thanksgiving

Sure, Thanksgiving is about spending time with loved ones, watching football, and eating more carbs than a marathoner eats the night before the big race. However, we often forget the most important part of the holiday—actually giving thanks. Showing gratitude, in turn, is good for your health and your business in many ways. Here are […]

Rocket Matter Announces Integration with FUJITSU Document Scanner ScanSnap

Rocket Matter announces an industry-leading integration with Fujitsu Document Scanner ScanSnap. Now you can transform the way you do business and save a lot of time by scanning directly from ScanSnap to Rocket Matter’s cloud based legal software. Take advantage of this powerful integration to help your law firm capture time, improve billing efficiency, boost revenues, […]