10 Things You Should Check Before Signing a Contract

Recently, I attended Startup Grind’s NYC talk with Jon Steinberg, the President of BuzzFeed. BuzzFeed appears to have mastered the “art” of creating viral content. They unveiled “CNN BuzzFeed,” a YouTube channel based on content from CNN, including archival and current content, that is designed to be shared across social networks. During the talk, Mr. […]

Identifying Goals and Objectives to Create a Multichannel Marketing Strategy

Multichannel marketing is offering your customers more than one way to purchase or hear from you. It is also a way to reach out and engage your current or potential customers using a variety of formats like email, mobile, social media, direct mail and even public relations.  Multichannel marketing also can include partnering with other organizations or […]

App of the Week: Able2Doc: Convert PDF to Word With Only 2 Taps

Now that legal offices have made the transition to a paperless office, lawyers are taking it a step further and moving their paperless workflows to mobile devices. And with good reason! There’s virtually an app for any document task you can think of. Dealing with legal PDF documents? Researching case studies in PDF format? You’re […]

Selling Legal Services When Corporate Procurement Show Up

Many law firms (and non-law service providers) are running into a new hurdle while doing business with Fortune 500 corporations. Some leading corporations are involving internal procurement groups (or sourcing groups) to select and set fees with outside counsel. Many attorneys are experiencing this situation, but haven’t developed an effective strategy. Having a plan to […]

App of the Week: Massachusetts Divorce App Calculates Alimony and Child Support

While divorces are complicated, figuring out Child and Spousal Support obligations doesn’t have to be. Meet the Massachusetts Divorce App by Infinity Law Group LLC, an iPhone and iPad compatible one stop shop for Child and Spousal Support obligation calculations. A user-friendly interface allows users to input relevant dates, income, and expenses information to calculate […]

App of the Week: JuryPad – Everything You Need to Select Your Jury

Voir dire and jury selection. It’s fast-paced. It takes skill. Out of a rushing river, you try to grab the trophy-winning fish and toss back the small fry. Are you still fishing bare-handed? Not anymore! Now there is JuryPad. Lose your charts, sticky notes, papers, and pens. JuryPad puts jury selection at your fingertips on […]

Virtual Receptionist for the Mobile Lawyer

Gone are the days where you have to pay for Class A office space you don’t need and sit by a telephone, afraid of missing your next big case. Tech-savvy attorneys are shirking traditional offices in favor of nimble firms supported by smartphones, tablets, and online law practice management systems like Rocket Matter. However, first […]