Virtual Receptionist for the Mobile Lawyer

Gone are the days where you have to pay for Class A office space you don’t need and sit by a telephone, afraid of missing your next big case. Tech-savvy attorneys are shirking traditional offices in favor of nimble firms supported by smartphones, tablets, and online law practice management systems like Rocket Matter. However, first […]

Lawyers: How to Become a CLE Speaker and then be Invited Back

If you would like to speak for a CLE organization the best way to do so is to email the organization, preferably whoever acts as the Curriculum Director or the attorney who tends to handle seminars in your area of practice. Include a brief bio, a resume and a description of your topic. While CLE […]

5 Ways to Be Stupid on Social Media

As part of my speaking and writing about social media and professional ethics, I try to reassure attorneys that they really don’t need to worry too much about the intersection of social media and the slow-to-adapt state bar rules governing attorney advertising. But this reassurance is based on the presumption that attorneys will use social […]

How to Handle Online Client Reviews For Attorneys

Guest Post brought to you by Josh King, Vice President Business Development and General Counsel for Avvo. As General Counsel for a company that publishes lawyer reviews, I’ve heard every possible concern from attorneys: clients in my area are psychos, they can’t evaluate legal work, they have unreasonable expectations, etc. It’s the “lawyers are different” mantra. […]

App of the Week: Get Stuff Done With 30/30 Task Timer

The Pomodoro Technique brought us the time management method that uses a timer to break down blocks of work into 25-minute intervals. I use this method on days when I have heaps to get done and need to ramp up my multitasking single-tasking productivity. With the 30/30 app, I can plan every day into blocks […]

Checklist For Creating Great Quality Video

Identify who is searching for you online Identify content they want to know, not content you want to tell them Create content that is compelling, educational and interesting Let’s get specific here. Let’s say you are a real estate attorney looking to improve your online marketing. The first thing you need to do is determine […]

5 Tips For Litigators to Retain Rigor by Using Lost Profits Experts

A business dispute is complex and often complicated. Pleadings, discovery, trial, and appeal each demand much of a litigator’s time. The use of a lost profits expert could liberate the litigator to plan and perform with rigor and responsiveness by reducing many time demands. A lost profits expert is an experienced accountant, appraiser, or academic […]

Attorneys Take New Steps In Productivity with Treadmill Desks

Between desk jobs, driving and television, attorneys are spending more time on their butts than ever. It’s part of a broader trend: the average American sits for more than eight hours every day. One in three Americans have body mass indexes (BMIs) classified as obese, and new measurements suggest the number of obese may be […]

Lawyers, Use Improv to Reach Your Goals

Productivity to an improviser means communicating quickly and clearly to the audience in a way that elicits a powerful emotional response. In business and law, productivity is achieving the highest level of output (quality product) with the lowest number of input (time/resources). The strategy used by improvisers also works in other forms of productivity. When […]

Innovative, Free, and Disruptive: Introducing Mobile Sync from Fastcase

First things first: the whole team joins me in saying thanks to everyone who voted to name Fastcase for iPhone and iPad the 2011 Legal Productivity App of the Year. It’s really an honor, and we’re thrilled. We originally built our legal research app as a research and development experiment – we wanted to see […]