App of the Week: Brewster – An Address Book To Organize Your Social Contacts

The idea of Brewster might not be completely original, but its design and functionality separates it from any other address book application. There’s a simple brilliance about the way Brewster organizes your contacts. Assuming you allow it access to your phone and Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter contacts, it will take their pictures and organize them […]

App of the Week: Audio Memos – A Better Voice Recorder

Let’s face it, if you plan on using a voice recorder app, the built-in Voice Memos app on your iPhone is not ideal. It lacks any features besides record and play, and playback quality is often less than desirable . Enter: Audio Memos. Not only does it produce a rich sound quality, but Audio Memos […]

Practicing Law: 5 Benefits of Effective Listening

Effective listening is crucial to establishing rapport with clients, witnesses, and anyone, really. But effective listening also contributes to lawyers’ analysis, strategy, and future workload in several concrete ways. 1. Listening Contributes to Case Analysis and Strategy Listening is a complex act that entails simultaneous hearing, processing, decision-making about whether and when to speak, memory, […]

App of the Week Showdown: WhatsApp vs Kik Messengers

This week, I will be reviewing both WhatsApp and Kik free messengers, but only one can take home the coveted Legal Productivity App of the Week. It seems like just yesterday “BBM” was the vernacular of techies interested in mobile instant messaging. Since then, just as the popular phone options have evolved into the Android […]

If This Then That (IFTTT): Connecting the Web One Recipe at a Time

If This Then That (IFTTT) is a service software that lets the Internet do your work for you by connecting major sites across the web, such as Gmail, Dropbox, Facebook, Evernote, and more. The way IFTTT works is by taking a trigger (if this) and connecting it to an action (then that) on another site. […]

10 Things You Should Check Before Signing a Contract

Recently, I attended Startup Grind’s NYC talk with Jon Steinberg, the President of BuzzFeed. BuzzFeed appears to have mastered the “art” of creating viral content. They unveiled “CNN BuzzFeed,” a YouTube channel based on content from CNN, including archival and current content, that is designed to be shared across social networks. During the talk, Mr. […]

Identifying Goals and Objectives to Create a Multichannel Marketing Strategy

Multichannel marketing is offering your customers more than one way to purchase or hear from you. It is also a way to reach out and engage your current or potential customers using a variety of formats like email, mobile, social media, direct mail and even public relations.  Multichannel marketing also can include partnering with other organizations or […]

App of the Week: Able2Doc: Convert PDF to Word With Only 2 Taps

Now that legal offices have made the transition to a paperless office, lawyers are taking it a step further and moving their paperless workflows to mobile devices. And with good reason! There’s virtually an app for any document task you can think of. Dealing with legal PDF documents? Researching case studies in PDF format? You’re […]