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Running a Mac-Based Law Firm: Managed Services Option

In previous discussions of How to Run a Mac-Based Law Firm, we looked at the DIY and Hourly Consultant models. The third option of running a Mac-based law firm is the Managed Services model. Managed Services is the opposite of the reactive, hourly model. The biggest benefit is being able to budget IT costs and shifting […]

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Running a Mac-Based Law firm: The Hourly Consultant Option

In this second installment of Running a Mac-Based Law Firm we discuss the second most common option for IT support: an hourly consultant. The smaller the firm, the more likely they are to use the DIY approach which we discussed in the first part of this series. But, inevitably the DIYers run into something that’s […]

5 Billing Mistakes Solos and Small Firms Make

When asked if billing is important, most attorneys would readily agree, but it is one of the least prioritized tasks in many small firms and solo practices. The processes and procedures that are put in place regarding billing, however, are proof of the old cliché “actions speak louder than words.” You might not be doing […]

Law Firm Service: Back to Business Basics and Technology

Law Firm Service: Back to Business Basics and Technology

Much has been written on the adoption of technology by law firms to better serve corporate clients. Some large law firms have set up departments to help clients with technology assessment and innovation, like Davis Wright Tremaine’s DeNovo initiative. However, smaller law firms resist many of the automation and efficiency solutions on the market, arguing […]

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How to Save Hours a Day (And Your Sanity) in Your Law Practice

When you started your law practice, it was probably like any other startup service business. You do everything, and you don’t have anyone to help you. At this stage, the first (and simplest) form of leverage you’ve got is a form document. Instead of reinventing the wheel every time you need a contract or memo, […]

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Copywriting Tips For Law Firm Websites and Blogs

When done well, regularly publishing content can help increase your law firm’s business. A recent study suggests that businesses who blog sixteen or more times in a month see three and a half times the traffic of those businesses who publish four or fewer posts in a month. But diving into copywriting can feel overwhelming if you’re […]

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Affordable Security Tips for Smaller Firms

Law firms store lots of client files and personal information on computers and in the office. Protecting the data can be both affordable and simple to do. Here are a few tips to keep in mind whenever you’re dealing with important files. Computer Security Data breaches are a growing problem for firms. To keep your computers secure, you’ll need a […]

Not Miserable Continuing Legal Education

The Least Miserable Way to Earn CLE (Continuing Legal Education)

EDITORS NOTE: Outkick CLE bills itself as “The least miserable way to earn CLE.” Anyone who’s attended or viewed endless hours of continuing legal education programs – often to learn, but sometimes, just to fulfill mandatory requirements – will recognize the pithy statement as a standard that’s yearned for. The provider achieves this lofty goal […]

How to Test Your Legal Services Product Ideas on a Budget

More and more lawyers are coming up with technology to streamline operations at their firms or communicate with their clients in better ways.You may be one of those innovative lawyers. But once you have the idea, what do you do? You probably think that all you need to do is hire a developer to build […]