freelance attorney

How to Market Yourself and Find Work as a Freelance Attorney

Many experienced attorneys are looking for alternative ways to practice law. It could be for a myriad reasons. For example, the attorney may have just had a baby and wants to work remotely part-time, or is a retired partner but still wants to practice in a flexible manner, or may have outside hobbies and interests […]

social media law firm

5 Key Social Media Tactics for Law Firms

It’s true that law firms haven’t adopted social media at the pace of other service-based industries such as ad agencies or business consultancies. But this is changing fast. In fact, over the last year we’ve seen more and more law firms attend our social media webinars, read our blog, and reach out for advice. Today, […]

Law Firm Sales: Solution Selling for Legal Services

I’ve been selling for a long time. I first learned how to sell through trial and error, driven by my interest in software and my experience inside law firms. I really learned to sell when an employer sent me to school where I learned that some of the strategies I had developed on my own […]

legal presentations

The Art and Science of Powerful Legal Presentations

Why is it hard to make captivating presentations? The basic problem is that many times, presenters fail to consider their audience. As an attorney or litigation support professional, you can spend hours and hours digging through the minutia of a matter to find the most important or damning pieces of evidence. After all of that […]

Edit Word, Excel, Powerpoint In Google Drive Without Converting

One of the often-cited drawbacks to storing and sharing documents in Google Drive is having to convert the documents you’ve uploaded to the service to the Google Docs (or Sheets, or Slides) format if you wanted to edit the documents in the cloud. With Google’s integration of the Quickoffice technology they acquired last year, Google […]

Google Brings Message Encryption (Back) to Google Apps Mail

In our past articles about message encryption options for Gmail and Google Apps, we’ve lamented the unavailability of a built-in option for most users. Google mail messages are encrypted internally, so messages sent between Gmail or Google Apps users are secure, but messages sent to non-Google users (e.g., those using Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo Mail) are […]

google docs and sheets add-ons

Improve Productivity with Google Docs and Sheets Add-Ons

Google Apps can help lawyers streamline document drafting and review. While it has many of the features of traditional office productivity suites, there are some features that Google Apps lacks. In a move to extend Google Apps’ features, Google now allows third-party developers to create “Add-ons” for Google Docs and Sheets – much like “extensions” […]