Legal Practice Management: How to Address the Top Challenges Faced by Today's Small Firms

Legal blogger extraordinaire Robert Ambrogi recently published an in-depth summary of findings by Thomson Reuters Solo and Small Law Firm group. In his article, Ambrogi focuses on the challenges faced by small firms (firms fewer than 30 lawyers) and how they are addressing those challenges. Top Challenges Faced by Today’s Small Firms The top five […]

7 Ways To Handle Stress and Avoid Attorney Burnout (Infographic)

There’s no getting around it: lawyers are among the most stressed-out people in the country. With long hours and the insane amounts of mental and physical stress that accompany them, it’s no wonder that attorneys may experience extreme job dissatisfaction, poor interpersonal relationships, and also poor health. Since the good folks at Rocket Matter are […]

7 Ways Lawyers Can Handle Stress and Avoid Attorney Burnout

Back in 1990, a study by Johns Hopkins found that lawyers were the most likely occupation to suffer from depression. Add to that some of the highest rates of suicide, alcohol abuse, and divorce (according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), and you’ve got yourself a group of individuals who lead less than […]

10 Pillars of a Mac-Based Law Firm (Infographic)

10 Pillars of a Mac-Based Law Firm (Infographic)

Many law firms today are opting to go all-Mac. Whether you run your IT yourself, or work with a dedicated consultant, there are some core elements you need to have in place when opting for all-Apple products. Tom Lambotte of GlobalMacIT identified 10 Pillars of a Mac-Based Law Firm in the popular webinar How to […]

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New E-Book: Mo' Money – A Lawyer's Guide to Getting Paid

How much am I collecting each month? Is it consistently less than I invoice? Am I billing accurately for the time I put in? These are questions law firms struggle with every month as they review their cash flow and the profitability and overall financial health of the firm. Poor billing, invoicing, and account receivable […]

Lawyers: Get Paid Faster with Custom Invoices

As an attorney, you have your own personal brand. Everything from your business card to your website, to the way you dress and speak to others says something about you. Every moment of exposure you have with clients is an opportunity to reinforce your brand. So why would you send out ugly invoices? You might […]