Boost Revenues Webinar

[Webinar Wrap-Up] Boost Revenues in 2017 with Automated Recurring Payments and Workflows

In case you missed it (or if you want to see it again!), here are the slides and video from our recent webinar: Boost Revenues in 2017 with Automated Recurring Payments and Workflows. Discover how to boost your revenues significantly, collect money automatically, and save a lot of time with the latest additions to Rocket […]

Boost Revenues in 2017

Boost Revenues In 2017 With Automated Recurring Payments and Workflows (Webinar)

Attorneys are asked to do more than ever. The billable hours that you’re spending on actual legal work often aren’t captured or collected. And you and your staff are regularly spending precious hours during the week tackling administrative tasks. Discover how to boost your revenues significantly and collect money automatically with Rocket Matter Payments. We’ll […]

Boxeremail management app

App Spotlight: Boxer—Superior Email Management

Start 2017 off on the right foot with an inbox that’s a breeze to manage. For those control freaks out there (and who isn’t these days?), Boxer is a fantastic email management app that gives you a ton of options for customization. It conveniently integrates with your calendars and contacts, and it was voted one […]

Four Can't-Miss Tips for More Law Firm Website Conversions

As of late, we’ve been writing a ton about virtual law firms and the need for a pretty killer website. Regardless of whether your practice is online or at a brick-and-mortar location, it goes without saying that your online presence should exist for one reason and one reason only: to convert visitors into paying clients. […]

Affordable Gifts For Legal Productivity Geeks – 2016 Edition

  It’s that time of year again, and we have a bunch of awesome, affordable gift ideas for fun-loving lawyers, legal professionals and productivity geeks. We’ve spent more time (and fun, since as Maslow notes, Almost all creativity involves purposeful play) than we care to admit compiling this list. The items on this list run […]