Drip Campaigns: Lead Nurturing Made Simple

Lead nurturing focuses on educating qualified sales leads who are not yet ready to buy your product or services. They key to this is keeping your audience engaged through something called a “drip campaign”. It sounds like a marketing tactic that Starbucks would use, but let me assure you that drip campaigns have little to […]

Legal Productivity Q&A Video Series

Is Blogging Dead?

This is the latest edition in our quick-and-practical Q&A style videos. Questions come from social channels, keyword analysis, and readers of this blog. A transcript accompanies each video. Is Blogging Dead? on Vimeo. The question is: “Is blogging dead?”. The answer is “absolutely not.” Blogging is not what it was for people in 2006 and […]

App of the Week: Microsoft Office – Now Available for iPad

Being productive on the go just got a whole lot easier. Earlier this week, Microsoft released their Office suite of apps specifically for the iPad. Though the collection of apps normally come bundled together for the PC and iPhone, you’ll have to download and install Word, PowerPoint, and Excel separately onto your iPad. Each of […]

The Landing Page- A Piece of the Google Quality Score Puzzle

Stonehenge. The Great Pyramids of Giza. Google Quality Score. Each of them riddles, wrapped up in a mystery inside an enigma. Google Quality Score has been mystifying the online marketing masses for quite some time. We know that a high score can lead to lower prices in Google AdWords and better ad rankings. What we […]

App of the Week: 30/30 – Simple Task Management

Here at Rocket Matter, we have seen the upside and downside to multitasking. While we have the ability to switch between tasks, we do not have the ability to attend to all of them effectively. Kick your multitasking habit to the curb with 30/30, the simple task management app from Binary Hammer. We’ve featured the […]

The Best Times to Send Out Marketing Emails

Over the years, email marketing has become a great way to educate, empower, and turn potential customers into paying clients. But it’s not about hitting that “send” button as soon as your newsletter is completed. Factors such as your target audience, day of the week, and the time of the day, will play a big […]

Using Images in Email Newsletters: Benefits and Drawbacks

Marketing is all about quickly capturing the attention of prospective customers. But in a world where attention spans have gone the way of the dodo, it’s more difficult than ever to make your audience get your message. You may notice that most of your emails from businesses include very little text and one big image, […]

Facebook Page Insights Can Be Beneficial for Law Firm Marketing

3 Ways to Turn David Ogilvy's Teachings Into Marketing Gold

For those of you who have no knowledge of advertising and design history, let me tell you about David Ogilvy. He is hailed as “The Father of Advertising.” He helped Dove become the top selling soap in the US and helped increase Mercedes-Benz sales by four times when the car wasn’t very popular. How did […]

Three Reasons Why You Need to Use Call Tracking in Your Marketing

Want a simple way to figure out where your leads are coming from? Try call tracking. Call tracking software allows you to create specific and individualized telephone numbers so that you can track and evaluate your different campaigns. Here are just a few reasons why call tracking should be added to your digital marketing along […]