Rocket Matter- 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast

Ep 68: Practice Management Coaching with Jodi Miles

Curious to know the most common issues attorneys face in their practices? Find out this week on the 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast, when host Larry Port talks with Jodi Miles, a practice management coach and founder of Carpe Argentum. Learn the benefits of attorney coaching and how it can lead to a better work/life […]

email delivery report

Wednesday Wisdom- New! Email Delivery Report

Rocket Matter’s detailed email delivery report allows you to follow up on the status of all emails generated from within Rocket Matter. Edit filters to search by client name, contact name, date range, email status, or email type. Confirm the status of sent emails, resend failed emails, or edit recipients and effortlessly send emails again!

Rocket Matter- 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast

Ep 67: James Robert Lay Discusses Digital Disruption

On this week’s episode of the 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast, Larry Port talks digital disruption with James Robert Lay. James Robert is the founder and CEO of Digital Growth Institute, a leading advisory service that engages in digital marketing initiatives. Learn about the latest digital marketing platforms and how to leverage the emotional side of […]

Winterfell Customizable Dashboards

Wednesday Wisdom- NEW! Customizable Dashboards

Rocket Matter’s new Winterfell release includes some fantastic new functionality, including customizable matter dashboards. Tailor your dashboards to see exactly what you want to see. Collapse widgets that don’t interest you, and rearrange others to get all the information you want, where you want it. Customizable Dashboards: Just one of the many powerful features included […]

Rocket Matter- 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast

Ep 66: Equine Gestalt Therapy for Lawyers

What do horses have to do with your mental health? Find out on this week’s episode of the 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast, when Larry Port talks to former attorney Andrea Hall. Andrea currently specializes in the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method® (EGCMethod). Learn how the EGCMethod is used to help heal past trauma and promote an overall sense of […]

Rocket Matter- 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast

Ep 65: Lara Bazelon Discusses Sexism in the Courtroom

This week’s special edition episode of the 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast centers around our current blog series: Sexism in the Courtroom. Host Larry Port chats with Lara Bazelon, a law professor, author, and contributing writer for Slate.  Lara sheds light on the reality of sexism in the courtroom and the ideas of implicit bias by providing jarring, real-world […]

Rocket Matter- 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast

Ep 64: Hiring and Onboarding Best Practices with Marcia Wasserman

On this week’s episode of the 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast, Larry Port talks hiring and onboarding best practices with Marcia Watson Wasserman. Marcia is the founder and president of Comprehensive Management Solutions and is the co-author of the ABA book Lawyers as Managers: How to Be a Champion for Your Firm and Employees. Take a […]

internal messaging communicator

Wednesday Wisdom- Leverage Internal Messaging with Communicator

Spend less time doing email and more time staying up-to-date with everything going on in your firm with Rocket Matter’s Communicator feature. With Communicator, a tool similar to Slack, you don’t have to leave Rocket Matter to chat with colleagues.  You can share files, host video conferences, and associate your conversations with cases so you […]