how to reduce your anxiety about the news

How to Reduce Your Anxiety About the News

If the news was already a circus, now the tent’s on fire and the elephants and lions are running around loose.  We’re heading into an election year, there’s presidential impeachment winds a-brewin’, and politics on both shores of the Atlantic have passions running high. This can’t be good for our health, nor our work habits. […]

remembering september 11

Remembering September 11th for Those Too Young to Remember

  It difficult to believe that September 11th, 2001 was so long ago that many people—depending on their ages—don’t remember that horrific day at all. In fact, some of our employees at Rocket Matter weren’t old enough to even be in school at the time. For those who didn’t experience that day, it’s impossible to […]

value vs waste

Lean Core Concept: Value vs Waste

  If you can get the following set of relationships down pat, you’ll have a firm handle on Lean and systems thinking: We can boost revenue by increasing our throughput rate. We can increase our throughput rate by reducing cycle time. And we can reduce cycle time by eliminating waste. Waste is a fundamental concept […]

removing bottlenecks

Reducing Cycle Time By Removing Bottlenecks

  Imagine you’re leading a troop of twelve scouts on a wilderness trip. Your responsibility is to make sure that the children make it from point A to point B on their hike without anything terrible happening to any of them (like getting eaten by a bear!) You quickly discover that it doesn’t matter how […]

donut factory

How a Law Firm is Like a Donut Shop

  This article is based on Episode 27 of the Lean Law Firm Podcast, where I discuss an analogy that my co-author Dave Maxfield and I use during our live event.   Have you been to a Duck Donuts?  It’s a little slice of heaven for those of you not on a carb-free diet.  And […]

Are You Getting Bad Advice When it Comes to Legal Technology? You Getting Bad Advice About Legal Software?

Are You Getting Bad Advice When it Comes to Legal Technology?

  Not so fun fact: 88% of software implementations either fail outright, run over budget, or are significantly delayed. So if you thought that rolling out a new software platform at your firm is daunting, you’re right. The dangers to your project lurk both inside and out. Software vendors and consultants can have interests that […]

little league

Lessons We Can All Learn from Little League

  Last spring, my then 11-year old son was in a pressure cooker situation. He was on the mound in the bottom of the last inning of a Little League game. The bases were loaded, the score tied with no outs, and he was behind the batter with a 3-0 count (meaning three balls and […]

lean law firm workshop

How Do You Stack Up? Takeaways from our Lean Law Firm Workshop

  Don’t you prefer it when CLEs are two-way discussions instead of one-way lectures? That’s what my The Lean Law Firm co-author, Dave Maxfield, and I provided to a group of attorneys in a half-day collaborative workshop in Columbia, South Carolina. We split up our curriculum into small, digestible chunks, interspersed with exercises and discussions to […]


Make This Thanksgiving Last the Rest of Your Life

  It’s no secret that Thanksgiving is a day to think about what you’re grateful for in your life. However, Thanksgiving is not the only day that I do this. In fact, I approach this gratitude business very seriously. I’ve woven a whole gratitude-harvesting daily mechanism into my life.  This has been going on now for about two […]