The Dos and Don'ts of Google Advertising

If you’re advertising on Google and are like a lot of people, you probably created some Google Adwords pay-per-click (PPC) ads a year ago in a “set and forget” strategy. If you’re not advertising on Google, believe it or not, people click on those ads in droves, netting the search giant beaucoup bucks and making […]

Why Your Website Should Take a Page from Miley Cyrus and Get Naked

When we say your website should get naked like Miley Cyrus, we are not talking about incorporating pictures of you or your staff sitting on a wrecking ball in the buff. No no no no no. Let’s stop right there. What we’re talking about is stripping your site of anything other than what’s necessary for […]

I'm a Man and I'm Not Afraid to Use Pinterest

I love Pinterest. I’m a man, and I’m not ashamed. I could pin all day long if ya know what I mean. When I first heard about Pinterest I was suffering from social media fatigue. This was back in the heady introductory days of social networks, when people were running around trying out Twitter, Facebook, […]

Rocket Matter Announces “Keenser” Release : Offline Access to Android App, Legal Billing Improvements

Leading cloud legal software company improves recently launched products with customer feedback. Boca Raton, FL, October 3, 2014 – Rocket Matter, the leading cloud and mobile legal billing software for law firms, today announces the “Keenser” release. The upgrade adds to the functionality of the company’s native Android app and the company’s law firm billing […]

Zip Disk - Remember These?

Why QR Codes are Worthless

Originally we were going to write a point-counterpoint article where one of us extolled the virtues of QR codes while another took the flip side of the argument. As it turns out, everyone at our company agrees that QR codes, those square, barcode-like things that look like TV static, are completely worthless. Anecdotal evidence: I have […]

Is Twitter Worth It for Businesses?

Twitter is about to go public, and there’s a lot of discussion out there about the social network and how it might evolve. A recent piece in the Wall Street Journal describes Twitter as “a strange, nearly surreal service. Unlike Facebook, it isn’t for everyone.” Confession time. Twitter just isn’t for me, and for a […]

Is PPC Search Advertising Worth It?

With pricey click through rates for major search terms and an abundance of great alternatives, does it make sense for professional service firms to continue their PPC search advertising campaigns? First of all, let’s acknowledge that we’re talking about Google search advertising. If you never click on ads and think that your behavior extends to […]

5 Secrets to Creating Great Banner Ads

Believe it or not, people do click on banner ads on websites. There are so many people using the web that thousands of them are bound to. The trick is capturing their attention. Display-ad advertising is usually way less expensive than search-based advertising, especially for professionals like attorneys or doctors who have to bid on […]

How Websites are like Movies

If nature calls while you’re in a movie theater, and on the screen the protagonist hits rock bottom, that’s good news for your bladder: the movie will be over in approximately five minutes. Movies, though their stories and styles are so wildly different, follow a very strict set of conventions. Consider that many of our […]