The Complete Guide to Office 365

New: The Complete Guide to Office 365 for Law Firms

When you work with thousands of law firms like I do, it’s pretty easy to identify tech trends. An unstoppable one is Microsoft Office 365 adoption in law firms. To help lawyers and other legal professionals understand how this version of Office is different than the rest, we’re happy to provide a free guide. Click here to […]

Rocket Matter's Legal Productivity Blog

Welcome to the Rocket Matter Blog 2.0!

  At Rocket Matter, we have been providing quality content for law firms since we launched more than nine years ago. We’re proud to have built a large following over the decade.  Rocket Matter’s audience consists of legal professionals who understand that their law firm is a business that needs to grow and be efficient.  Our […]

Digital privacy

Why The Digital Privacy Fight Is Important and How Attorneys Can Help

Earlier this week Congress overturned established digital privacy rules, allowing Internet Service Providers to sell information about the online behavior of their customers.  This bill is expected to be signed into law by the White House. What this means is that if you’re a Comcast customer, for example, and you’ve been conducting online legal research, […]

speed up iphone

Confessions of a Smartphone Addict

I have a confession to make.  I’ve been getting in a lot of trouble for my smartphone usage with my family.  And I know deep in my heart I’m setting a terrible example for my children. The embarrassing thing is I know better.  I’ve spoken about the risks overdependence on connectivity at CLE conferences.  I’m […]

New Conflict Checking, Interest Fees, and Convenience Charges in Rocket Matter’s Office 365 Release

Rocket Matter’s announcement yesterday of their Office 365 Integration overshadowed some other, powerful new tools the practice management software rolled out. Yes, two-way calendar and contact sync from Macs, PCs, and Smartphones is wonderful. And yes, saving documents directly from Word, PowerPoint, and Excel to Rocket Matter makes the lives of lawyers a whole lot […]

Understanding CIA Hacking and What it Means for You

Earlier this week Wikileaks released “Vault 7”, a massive trove of information about CIA hacking activities, raising fears about Big Brother surveillance programs and sending computer security experts in search of antacid medication. Here are the most important takeaways: One: The CIA Did Not Break Encryption. Encryption algorithms are highly mathematical complexities involving very large […]

The Remarkable Power of LinkedIn for Hiring Legal Professionals

If you haven’t tried LinkedIn to bring on a critical hire for your firm, you’re missing out.  Recruiting without this powerful professional social channel is like playing tennis with the racket in your mouth:  You’re making things way too hard, and you’re going to end up with a headache. LinkedIn is an overwhelmingly productive recruiting […]

It’s Great to Go Paperless – But Make Sure You Back Up

It’s one thing to go paperless, but it’s another thing to make sure your business can continue in the event of a disaster.  If all of your documents are scanned onto hard drives in your office, but your office burns down, you missed an easy layup to continue operating uninterrupted. One of the first attorney […]