At LTNY 2016, A Renewed Focus on Boosting Law Firm Revenue and Profits

It’s our experience that law firms bleed cash until they have the right systems and tools in place. Unfortunately the following scenario probably sounds too familiar: law firms do not capture time efficiently and lose track of precious minutes every day, translating to dozens of hours every year. They’re slow to get their invoices out because […]

The Dirty Word Which Increases Law Firm Profits & Client Happiness

The following article is based on a talk I gave at a legal technology conference, MILOFest, in Orlando, FL. Numbers.  The mere mention of the word causes many lawyers to recoil in horror. Profit.  I’ve been told not to use that word with attorneys.  There is decorum in the field of law, they say, a […]

First Ever Rocket Matter Olympics Begin

Yesterday marked day one of the first-ever Rocket Matter Olympics. The Rocket Matter Olympics is a week-long competition devoted to leadership development, team-building, company idea creation, and creative problem solving. It’s a time for engineers to work alongside sales and support people, and for the staff to say horrible things to one another as they […]

law firm marketing personas

Improve Your Law Firm's Internet Strategy with Marketing Personas

Do you truly know to whom you’re marketing? Or have you spent countless hours putting together copy and keyword-laden content only to realize you’re shouting from the rooftops to no one in particular? Enter the marketing persona. Personas allow you to identify prototypes of people that might be interested in your service: they might be […]

Leadership for Lawyers

Leadership for Lawyers: A Suggested Leadership Reading List

This is part two of our Leadership for Lawyers series. Wanna be successful in business?  Read. Open a book and you gain access to the most brilliant minds the business world has ever produced. Not only is reading fundamental for success, it reduces stress and is a wonderful personal growth tool. Don’t take it from […]

Leadership for Lawyers

Leadership for Lawyers: The Biggest Indicator of Success

This is part one of our Leadership for Lawyers series. Talent. Education. Communication skills. They got nothing on grit. Grit is perseverance and the ability to see something through in spite of obstacles. It just so happens to be the number one predictor of success, ahead of talent, according to research out of the University […]