The Insane Marketing Brilliance of the Boston Red Sox Beards

You may or may not be a baseball fan, but this October it’s been hard to avoid noticing the scruffy Boston Red Sox Beards in the World Series. We’re not just talking any little beards either. No cute little goatees. With our high-def TV’s, we’re not missing any details. Not a single whisker. The Boston […]

Slide Deck: Design Principles for Lawyers

I had the pleasure of presenting at MILOFest last week on the topic of design principles for lawyers. Specifically, I discussed why understanding how designers thinks can improve communication and build trust. My talk, entitled “Why Good UI Can Help You Be a Better Lawyer” presented some theoretical ideas and also some rubber-meets-the-road concepts. I […]

6 Major Website FAILS

Perfecting a website is not easy. There’s a lot of i’s to dots and t’s to cross if you’re going to get everything right. But there’s a handful of instant website FAILS that have to be resolved ASAP. 1. The Site Looks Awful on Smartphones If you don’t have a site optimized for iPhones and […]

Is Your Business Ready For Major Changes in SEO?

Search is shifting, folks.  It’s no longer just a world where we type in some queries and get a bunch of website listings. In an effort to make their results ever more relevant for their audiences, Google and other search engines factor in more than just optimized webpage content. Location.  Proximity to what you’re looking […]

The Dos and Don'ts of Google Advertising

If you’re advertising on Google and are like a lot of people, you probably created some Google Adwords pay-per-click (PPC) ads a year ago in a “set and forget” strategy. If you’re not advertising on Google, believe it or not, people click on those ads in droves, netting the search giant beaucoup bucks and making […]

Why Your Website Should Take a Page from Miley Cyrus and Get Naked

When we say your website should get naked like Miley Cyrus, we are not talking about incorporating pictures of you or your staff sitting on a wrecking ball in the buff. No no no no no. Let’s stop right there. What we’re talking about is stripping your site of anything other than what’s necessary for […]

I'm a Man and I'm Not Afraid to Use Pinterest

I love Pinterest. I’m a man, and I’m not ashamed. I could pin all day long if ya know what I mean. When I first heard about Pinterest I was suffering from social media fatigue. This was back in the heady introductory days of social networks, when people were running around trying out Twitter, Facebook, […]

Rocket Matter Announces “Keenser” Release : Offline Access to Android App, Legal Billing Improvements

Leading cloud legal software company improves recently launched products with customer feedback. Boca Raton, FL, October 3, 2014 – Rocket Matter, the leading cloud and mobile legal billing software for law firms, today announces the “Keenser” release. The upgrade adds to the functionality of the company’s native Android app and the company’s law firm billing […]