Ridiculous Billing Practices Cost Everyone

…There is a huge and very specific pocket of inefficiency that currently exists in the market for legal services.
While lawyers (particularly business lawyers) are trying harder than ever to generate and keep clients, there exists a ton of aggressive, smart entrepreneurs who need good legal services – and are willing to pay for them – but don’t seek them out for fear of irregular and/or unbounded bills.

Casey Anthony Not Guilty; Jury Still Out on Us

The criminal trial of the decade – at least so far – is now over.  When I heard that the jury had reached a verdict so quickly, I knew (well … I was pretty sure …) what was coming. It seems like a solid majority of the rest of the world wasn’t ready for it. […]

Great Advice From Lawyers Who "Get It"

One of the many cool things about working in our space is that I get the opportunity to regularly read opinions on the legal profession written by the innovators who are actively involved, on a day-to-day basis, in trying to improve it. Frequently these folks offer spot-on practical advice.  Simple, understandable, incredibly valuable and yet […]

Summer Fashion Tips for Women Lawyers

Recently we featured an article titled “5 Summer Dressing Tips for Lawyers“. One of our readers, Cate Eranthe, pointed out that all the tips were for men. She offered to write a piece for women lawyers to round out our offering. Thanks Cate! Here in the San Francisco Bay Area the weather just went from […]

Firm Challenges Non-Lawyer Ownership In Law Firms

In Jacoby & Meyer’s complaint filed on May 18, 2011 in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, the Firm alleges that the “out-dated” Rules of Professional Conduct “severely restrict” their ability to “raise the capital necessary to pay for improvements in technology and infrastructure.” Just like any other business that wants to scale while maintaining a high level of service, they need some funding.

Contract Drafting Tips – Part 2

In Part I of this series , we offered three tips for helping to create contracts that better achieve a client’s fundamental business goals.   With the value and misgivings of work precedent previously addressed, today we share two more tips that have also yielded positive results. 4. Don’t Be Obnoxious – Sometimes Mutual Is […]

Contract Drafting Tips – Part 1

Over the years I’ve learned a few contract drafting tips that others might find useful. These are “high-level” concepts, not necessarily specific “how-tos”, but rather timesaving tips that I’ve found helpful when working on contracts.

Sexy Math For Lawyers: The Birthday Paradox

Lawyers continuously deal with concepts of probability. Understanding probabilities can be an extremely useful way to persuade, craft useful analogies, and – in some cases – either create or disprove reasonable doubt.

3 Observations On The Casey Anthony Trial

The big Casey Anthony trial, what some have called the trial of the decade, has been underway now for some time. While watching some of the Anthony trial, I picked out three practices that I found particularly interesting, each of which have nothing to do with the facts at issue. I’d appreciate some feedback from our pros, both to learn and to enlighten my latest “reality TV” habit.