The Best Negotiation Principle I Ever Learned

Negotiation is a fascinating intellectual topic, and obviously something lawyers practice regularly.   During any typical work day, a lawyer is likely to be simultaneously involved in multiple negotiations – with clients, with other lawyers, with the Court, with governmental officials, regulators, and others.   Being a good negotiator can be an invaluable skill for […]

Funny Videos For Lawyers on a Friday

It’s Friday and the productivity theme of our blog notwithstanding (he writes, lawyerly), it’s the official day dedicated to non-productive use of the interwebs. When I was in law school we didn’t have laptops, let alone YouTube.   However, the absence of YouTube most assuredly gave me the advantage of simply not being able to record […]

How To Use Facebook For Law Firms Part Three: Linking Directly To Your Firm's (or Company's) Page

Facebook gives you the option to add “Education and Work” information to your profile. If you choose to provide that information, and you’re working with a Firm or Company that also has a Facebook page, you might like to link directly from your page to your company’s page. If you’ve tried to do that, there’s […]

Breaking Up – A Client's Perspective

Clowns to the left of me Jokers to the right, here I am Stuck in the middle with you ANY CHARACTER HERE Thankfully law firm departures don’t resemble the action in Reservoir Dogs, the ridiculously violent (and terrific) movie from which that lyric was borrowed, but they’re not always smooth either.  Especially when lawyers leave […]

4 Traits Of Innovators That Lawyers Can Use

Whether Thiel is ultimately correct or not about an “education bubble” is a complicated question, with plenty of room for opinion and analysis. However, I think there’s a great takeaway here aside from that specific debate. We can learn a lot from how innovative people think, and how they approach big problems.

Lawyering While Driving

At Rocket Matter we spend a lot of time with smart lawyers, all of whom are ridiculously pressured and busy. Too much to do and not enough time to do it. The temptation to “lawyer while driving”, to squeeze in a little work behind the wheel is high, no question.

Office Space Primer For Lawyers, Part III: Sharing

If leasing space on your own isn’t quite optimal or financially desirable, sharing space with another lawyer can be another option to consider. Sharing space has the obvious upside of reducing cost, sometimes enabling you to be in a location that you couldn’t otherwise (comfortably) afford on your own.   However, sharing space with another lawyer […]