5 Engagement Vows For A New Client – Part I

One of the very first things that lawyers do when they start working with a new client is put together an engagement letter. It’s critically important to have written engagement terms in place, and also ethically required. Sample engagement letters are easy to find, and they usually satisfy basic ethical requirements, but they’re often short […]

Thoughts About Work-Life Balance for Legal Professionals

Work-life balance is a popular topic on our site and at our company. We all work hard, but we don’t always keep rigid hours and we don’t always work “at the office.”   Instead, we leverage technology that gives us the ability to successfully collaborate while working work remotely.   The technology also has the ancillary […]

First Amendment Friday

Yesterday during our company stand up meeting, Ariel Jatib – one of our company’s co-founders – reminded us of a very important Supreme Court case that was decided this week.    (It does appear that there is important news happening that doesn’t directly involve the production of sitcoms or the personal lives of their actors.) […]

Parsing Non-Standard Data In Excel – A Workaround

This post is a little different from our usual content, but I thought it might be helpful to folks sharing a similar problem when trying to format data in Excel.   Sometimes I find it useful myself to read how people solve tricky little Excel issues, so I offer this up in that spirit. I […]

More Simple Legal Billing Software Advice For Lawyers

Bad billing habits are ultimately one of the key causes of lawyer job dissatisfaction, and simple legal billing software can fix these habits.  Failing to send out timely bills (often caused by timesheet procrastination) directly results in higher receivables. Higher receivables lead to higher write-offs. Higher write-offs lead to less revenue.  Less revenue leads to […]

Will WATSON Start Putting Lawyers in "Jeopardy"?

Watching Watson compete on Jeopardy this week was amazing, notwithstanding the odd Final Jeopardy foul-up on Tuesday night. (Watson oddly answered “What is Toronto????” to a Final Jeopardy question that was titled “U.S. Cities.”) A logical explanation for the cause of the mistake was given, though my inner paranoia prefers to fantasize a more Hal-ish rationale. […]

Do You Know Thy 10 Legal Ethics Commandments?

We’re excited to bring you Sean Carter’s Thou Shalt Not Lie, Cheat and Steal:  10 Commandments For Avoiding Ethical Problems As a Lawyer.” Sean, a Harvard Law School Graduate, is a dynamic and fun speaker.  You may have attended one of his sessions as each year, he travels cross-country to present more than 100 CLE […]