App of the Week: Springpad – Your New Personal Assistant

Here at Legal Productivity, we sure do love Evernote and Pinterest. But what if we could combine our two loves? We can. Springpad combines the note-taking and organizing abilities of Evernote with the ability to easily “pin” and save webpages, photos, articles, recipes, etc. Springpad is your new “personal assistant.” It can organize

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App of the Week: Spotify – Productivity Playlists

How do we increase productivity in the workplace? There have been studies done and theories thrown about on how to provide a productive environment in the workplace. Of course, every person is unique and will react differently to different methods. But one thing we as humans share in common is

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App of the Week: Mailbox – Tame Your Crazy Inbox

Apple stores are known for long lines of rabid fans (some camping out for days) waiting to be the first ones to get their hands on the latest new and shiny device. Can you imagine a line that long for an app? Mailbox managed to do just that this year.

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Rocket Matter News

Wednesday Wisdom: Google Calendar Syncing

Rocket Matter is a great application to keep all of your work details in one place, including your calendar. Wouldn’t it be great if you could open up your computer or phone’s calendar and see all of your events, both work and personal, at one time? Rocket Matter offers a

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