Rocket Matter Release Notes: 1-29-16

Now Available! Rocket Matter’s Integration with QuickBooks Online! Rocket Matter QuickBooks Online from Rocket Matter on Vimeo. More information on our QuickBooks Online integration can also be found here. Contact our Support Team at (888) 432-1529 to schedule your appointment today. Reports Improvements: Deleted users and their activities are now shown on the allocation report […]

corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility: How is Your Firm Giving Back?

“Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to a business practice that involves participating in initiatives that benefit society.” Whether big or small, law firms should consider devoting a portion of their time and resources to giving back and improving the lives of those around them. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to donate large sums of […]

Law firm analytics - matter budgets

Law Firm Analytics Reports: Matter Budgets

Rocket Matter recently released an Advanced Analytics module with five reports to help law firms increase transparency, productivity, and profitability. We’ll explore how you can leverage each of these reports in your practice. Here’s a discussion of Matter Budgets Reports. INSIGHT: I want to assign how much billable time I will spend on a particular […]

Case Study: Clarie Law Offices Increased Collections by 25% with Rocket Matter

How 13-Member Clarie Law Offices Improves Productivity, Captures More Time, and Increases Billings Clarie Law Offices, P.A., is a 13 member firm located in South Pasadena, Florida. The boutique law firm specializes in Wills, Trusts, Estates, Probate Litigation, Adoptions and Family Law. The firm wanted a cloud-based practice management system with the ability to securely […]

repurpose law firm content

7 Ways to Repurpose Your Law Firm Content Online

“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” You’ve heard the phrase many times, but have you considered applying it to anything other than your carbon footprint? For the web environment, let’s condense the phrase to one word: repurpose. Repurposing reduces your workload by reusing existing content. Consider the following 7 simple ways to repurpose your content online. 1. Blog […]

What to Consider When Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing a domain name for your new website can be difficult when you can’t decide if it should reflect your brand name or contain related keywords. You have to ask yourself what’s better: a domain name that gets Google to serve your website up in relevant searches or a domain name that your target market remembers […]

5 Easy Ways To Increase the Open Rate of Your Email Newsletter

It’s hard to make emails stand out and even harder to convince the reader that your message is worth their time. Your email newsletter should be exactly what it is: news. The information needs to be current, relevant, and concise. Of course, we’d be lying if we didn’t admit that we also send newsletters to […]

Don't Ignore Bing in Your SEO Strategy

Think Bing is worthless?  Guess again. It’s integrated with Twitter, Facebook, and Yelp.  Keep reading: it gets better. When you get to the point that a brand turns into a verb, you know that it’s nearly impossible for anyone else to compete. “Google this” instead of “search this” has become a regular part of our […]