How to Hook Legal Clients Who Rarely Need You

How to Hook Legal Clients Before They Need You

During a presentation about the difficulty of real estate agents hooking home buyers who will only need their services once or twice in a lifetime, an agent in the audience saw it as an opportunity: “I know home buying and selling can’t be a habit. That’s fine. But what if I make a habit of […]

[Webinar] How to Start, Manage, and Grow a Virtual Law Firm

During conversations with hundreds of law firms that use legal practice management software, like Rocket Matter, to manage their firm and cases, we’ve gained insight into how many of these firms moved to a virtual practice. Some eschewed brick-and-mortar offices entirely and started right off the bat with a virtual firm to more effectively align […]

legal practice management videos

5 Legal Practice Management Videos to Help Lawyers Better Manage Their Firm and Cases

Rocket Academy has grown to over 50 videos covering law practice management, marketing, and productivity, taught by experts and industry leaders. Occasionally we highlight a few topical presentations. Here are five popular videos on how to manage your firm and cases using legal practice management software. Law Firm Analytics – KPIs and Reports Learn about […]

Law Librarians Respond to Changing Roles

President of Bloomberg Law and Bloomberg BNA’s Legal division, David Perla’s message to gatekeepers of the legal industry that “change is coming—with or without you,” included this nugget: “I attended a session at AALL [American Association of Law libraries] where librarians were brainstorming how to be more relevant or get lawyers to pay more attention […]

Webinar: Paperless Law Office Primer

[Webinar Wrap-Up] Tips for Mobile Mac Lawyers

Here is the recording from the latest presentation in our Legal Productivity webinar series: Security and Productivity Tips for Mac Lawyers with Terry Jarrell. Terry also provided, below, a few details on some of the basic security measures, applications, and resources covered in the presentation. The Basics To find out the details about your Mac, […]

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Getting to Productivity

There’s no shortage of tips and practices out there to help turn you into a productivity ninja, including on this blog, but before running the race you have to get to the starting block. Here are five essential habits to get you fit and ready for the productivity sprint. Get at least seven hours of […]

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New Legal Practice Management Guide and Software for Family Lawyers

The decision to practice family law can be one of the most challenging and fulfilling choices an attorney can make. Whether you’re in a solo, small, or mid-sized firm, you’ll be spending time helping clients navigate through one of the most difficult periods in their lives, and you’ll need legal case management software to handle […]