Advantage #3 of Using a Legal SaaS Product: No Special Hardware Required

by rocketmatter-admin October 15, 2009

Question: What is the best thing about spending a thousand dollars on a brand new computer to support your new legal practice management software?

Answer: Not spending a thousand dollars on a new computer for your new legal practice management software.

Traditional, server-based legal practice management programs (such as Time Matters™ or Amicus Attorney™) require minimum hardware and software specifications to perform correctly.  Some require a costly SQL Server™ license, adding additional expenses and complications to your IT budget.

Some legal programs allow you to create your infrastructure on the cheap via peer sharing.  If you can get this setup correctly and performing without error, hat’s off to you.  Just don’t try to change anything in your network configuration or add additional users.

Rocket Matter only requires Internet connectivity, a near ubiquitous resource, eliminating expensive and time consuming server administration.  Any computer on your network can access the software through a browser, such as Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox.

Why spend all that money and time on your practice management software?  It’s meant to make you more efficient, not slow you down.

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