Advantage #57 of using a Legal SaaS Product: Minimizing Downtime

by rocketmatter-admin May 12, 2009

What happens if your entire life is on your laptop and your machine needs a repair?  Or worse yet, the laptop dies.  Or even beyond your wildest fears, your computer with all of your sensitive client information gets lost or stolen?

Recently I heard of a solo attorney requiring several days of repair work on an all-important laptop.  The question is, how does work proceed during this interval?

Business Continuity is one of the key advantages of using a product like Rocket Matter.  Cloud computing or Software as a Service (SaaS) provides redundancy to your systems:  If you need to work on another machine, whether temporarily, while traveling, or as part of a hardware upgrade, you need not worry about a work interruption.

Since all your data is available via a web-browser, you can use any machine to continue practicing.  And if the unthinkable happens, and your machine gets stolen, a quick call to us can reset your password and lock out intruders from your confidential information.

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