Advantage #6 of Using a Legal SaaS Product: Low Startup Costs

by rocketmatter-admin October 14, 2009

Let’s face it:  it’s been a rough year.  If you still have a job you’re probably pulling the weight of the resources that were let go in a downsizing round (and if you’re doing really well you’re probably a bankruptcy or foreclosure attorney).

Necessity is the mother of invention as they say, and many attorneys had to go it alone or start part-time practices to help pay the bills.  And in a difficult environment like the current, you gotta do two things to survive:  1) keep costs down and 2) stay efficient.

Enter technology.  Need a way to keep your practice humming without having to spend thousands of dollars upfront in software, servers and IT personnel?  With Software as a Service, you can forget worrying about the purchasing software and servers, hiring consultants to install it, and laying out thousands of dollars before you open your doors.

Since Rocket Matter does away with servers, backup drives, and other headaches, you can startup your practice without actually having an office to sit in. Work from your office, an executive suite, or any WiFi location.  Rent conference rooms when you need them, and save that precious rent money.

SaaS allows you more freedom then traditional software with lower initial costs and IT expenses you can predict and budget. You’re going to want to save your money for your very much needed first vacation!

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