Advantage #7 of Using a Legal SaaS Product: Eliminate “Phone Pong”

by rocketmatter-admin October 12, 2009

You know when your software breaks in your office, so you call the software vendor, then the IT consultant, then perhaps even a Certified consultant, and they all tell you to call each other and someone else?

We call this phone pong.

Rocket Matter integrates your contacts, calendar, phone messaging, time tracking, reporting, invoice creation, to-do list, and more all in one application.  A tightly integrated package means there’s less things that can break, equalling more uptime.

More uptime = more time to work, which means more money in your pocket.

And if you need something, you call us, and we get ‘er done.  With Rocket Matter’s highly trained Product Specialists, you’re not going to have to chase down finger pointing IT people.

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