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    App of the Week: Read It Later is Now Pocket, Your DVR for the Web


      I’m a fan of Instapaper, the simple tool to save web pages, blissfully stripped down to text only, for reading later. But the free iPhone app allows me to read only 10 saved articles. Ten! For us information hoarders, that’s a drop in the bucket. Since I do most of my Instapaper catch up reading on my laptop that hasn’t been a real problem.

      But for those times when I want to read saved items on my mobile device like during train rides, or lounging on a couch or park bench, or during a flight, Pocket does the job. Pocket, the spanking new incarnation of the Read It Later app allows you to save articles, blog posts, videos and web pages for later viewing on your phone, tablet or computer.

      The upgrade to Pocket includes a beautiful, clean new interface for a better viewing and reading experience. There’s a new content filter which automatically organizes your content so that you can quickly switch between articles, videos, and images.

      Also new are bulk editing, favoriting, and tagging modes to further organize your saved items. And Pocket integrates with over 300 apps.

      This is a terrific upgrade to an already useful app. And it’s free!

      Get rid of the dozens of open “to read” tabs on your computer and install the Pocket Bookmarklet to save any page in your browser with a single click.

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