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5 Marketing Automation Practices to Grow Your Law Firm

Automation. It’s not just for garage door openers, self-driving cars, or gigantic industrial robots. It’s…

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Four Shortcuts to Managing Your Law Firm Projects

No one ever heard Perry Mason say “Wow, this billing system is top-notch.” Law & Order’s Jack…

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6 Ways to Automate Your Criminal Defense Practice

Criminal defense is one of the most challenging practice areas to specialize in. Friends, family,…

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7 Ways to Implement File-Sharing and E-Signatures at Your Law Firm

Many digital trends surged during the COVID-19 pandemic, including the use of electronic signatures. E-signatures…

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The Ultimate Client Intake Process

If you’re struggling to bring on new clients, it can help to consider whether your client…

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How to Reduce Costs Without Losing Productivity

When operating a law firm, you want to reduce the ever-present yet unavoidable overhead costs. This includes items and services you need to run your law firm but don’t generate.

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Law Firm Profitability Checklist

If you run a legal practice, you want it to be profitable. And it’s not just because bringing in an impressive revenue sounds, well, impressive.

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Calendar Management Tips

If your only legal calendar is the giant paper one on your desk that’s full of scratched-out dates and phone call doodles in the margins, it’s time to do yourself.

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Networking for Lawyers Made Simple

For both introverts and extroverts alike, one word often brings feelings of dread and discomfort:…

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Marketing Basics for Lawyers

When you’re building up your firm, it can be tough to get the word out…

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Rocket Matter Feature in LegalTech’s Practice Management Buyer’s Guide

Legal Tech highlights how Rocket Matter’s comprehensive legal practice management software streamlines your law firm’s…

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Time Tracking Tips for Busy Attorneys

Billable hours are at the heart of any successful law firm, but far too many…

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