How to Create a More Profitable Law Firm by Taming Technology

by rocketmatter-admin February 3, 2011

You’d think as a blogger and a web software developer serving the legal industry that I’d be spending all of my time trying to get lawyers to be as connected as possible. Fat chance.

Those who heard me speak at MILOFest or read my Legal Management feature know I’m a fan of getting off the grid. Not just for your sanity, but for your bottom line as well.

Because of that core belief, we’re proud to offer on our Rocket Academy channel Take Control Over Your Law Office Technology.

The landscape for law practice is changing at a blinding rate. The technology that is replacing staff and saving overhead is also creating new and unprecedented pressures on your professional and personal life. Lighting-fast and often reactive communications of e-mail, text messages, Twitter, Facebook and the like offer endless opportunities for inappropriate communication.

The information overwhelm of RSS feeds, LinkedIn, blogs, listervs and a host of web-based special services can result in information overwhelm and paralysis by analysis. How can you maximize the use of your technology while maintaining time to produce quality work, and minimizing the new risks inherent in electronic communications?

Master Practice Advisor Dustin Cole takes a nuts-and-bolts, practical view of the issue, focusing his more than 20 years of hands-on experience to show you how to run a safe, profitable and enjoyable practice.

Click here to watch Take Control Over Your Law Office Technology.

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