Legal Productivity App of the Week – Pulse – An Incredible News Reader

by rocketmatter-admin July 1, 2011

It’s critical for lawyers, being an informed bunch, to have a fountain of news at their fingertips on their mobile devices.

The problem is not finding a news app, since there’s zillions of them, the trick is finding one that works well and allows you to peruse information fast. Check out Pulse for this purpose. It’s excellent.

I came across Pulse for the first time last week, and it really helped me come across a lot of great information not just for news, but for my other interests as well. The interface is beautiful and fluid, and allows for quickly seeing news delivered across.

Pulse allows you to add a number of big-name featured channels out of the box, such as The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Time, or FastCompany to name a few. There’s also a bunch of feeds from popular hobby sites for sports, food, technology, and you can easily add an RSS feed if you know the address.

Question: If you prefer another news reader for your mobile device, what do you like?

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