More Legal Technology Predictions for 2009

by rocketmatter-admin January 14, 2009

Last month we published a list of online legal practice management and time and billing predictions in Law Practice Today. Recently we came across two more lists of 2009 legal tech predictions by people we hold in high esteem: Ross Kodner over at the Ross Ipsa Loquitur Blog, and Neil Squillante at TechnoLawyer.

From Ross’s list, my favorite is number 3:

SaaS products start to make serious inroad in legal technology areas including practice management and billing systems.

And from Neil’s list, my favorite is number 2:

Legal Software and Web Applications Both Win

Practically every week in TechnoLawyer you read about case management solutions. And legal accounting solutions too.

But most law firms don’t use case management solutions. And many firms use QuickBooks for accounting.

In other words, both legal software and legal Web applications have a lot of room for growth without competing against each other.

Don’t expect an all out war between the two camps anytime soon, certainly not in 2009.

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