Rocket Matter Nominated for 2009 Law Technology News Awards

by rocketmatter-admin November 13, 2009

Rocket Matter is nominated for the 2009 Law Technology News Awards for Best Practice Management System and Best Time and Billing for Small and Mid-Sized Firms categories.

Please don’t congratulate us, as we nominated ourselves.  I would be embarrassed.

But it’s important to us to win, since if we win a) we can put a cool-looking ribbon on our web site and b) it will be the closest we ever come to making an Oscar acceptance speech (we do get to make a speech, right?).

So if you use Rocket Matter, tuned into our webinars, appreciate our support of the Mac community, like our Tweets, or in general have pity on us, please give us your vote.

Here’s how you do it:

1) If you haven’t already, sign up for a free LTN subscription.  Monica Bay has a solid daily email, so that’s a good by-product.

2) Vote for Rocket Matter before November 15. Or vote for someone else if you hate us.  But keep in mind, my three-year old will cry if you do.

3) Send an email to all your friends, telling them to vote for Rocket Matter for the LTN nomination, as it’s the dying wish of a child in Germany (or whatever the latest chain mail motivator is).

Thanks and pay it forward!

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