Rocket Matter Upgrade: Mini Timer, Report Enhancements, Tag Cloud and More

by rocketmatter-admin December 23, 2010

In the spirit of the holiday, this release is made up of many requests that came in from you, our users. Some are small. Some are larger. But, hopefully they’re all helpful. Without further ado, here go the upgrades…

Timers, Timers, Timers

We’ve upgraded Bill as You Work to include timers. Tracking and capturing your time just got more flexible.

When working with tasks, messages, or documents, simply press the play button to start the timer. When you’re done, simply press save and your time is captured.

In addition, we’ve standardized the “no charge” option. It is now available everywhere in the application where you can enter your time.

If you prefer to just enter your billable time directly, simply enter it into the input box and press save.

Expanded Reporting

Several improvements in this section. On all the reporting screens, you will now find the Report Summary widget that provide totals for search results.

We’ve streamlined the Billable Activity Report accessible from the dashboard .

Trust Accounting users now have an additional option on the “What the firm has been paid” report. Optionally, select the trust account and operating account checkboxes to filter the results.

Manage Tags

You can now better manage your tags using the Tag Manager. Navigate to this section quickly via the Quick Admin section of the User Dashboard. Once there, you can rename a tag, delete a tag, or add a new tag.

Add Matter from Contact Record

In addition to creating new matters from the User Dashboard, you can now also begin the process from the Contact Dashboard. Simply navigate to the Contact Dashboard and press “Add Matter.” Rocket Matter will drop you into the matter name page of the Add Matter Wizard given that you have already identified the client.

Matter Open Date

Several of you mentioned that it was important to be able to set the date when a matter opened. Simply go to the Edit Matter section for a matter to change the date associated with when you opened a matter.

We hope you enjoy this latest batch of free upgrades. Thank you for your business and have a wonderful holiday. See you next year with more exciting product announcements!

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