Rocket Matter Wins Hot Tech Startup Award at the 2011 Miami Technology Summit

by rocketmatter-admin March 28, 2011

The 2011 Miami Technology Summit has come and gone, but here at Rocket Matter, we now have permanent memorabilia of the show hanging in our office. Our firm took home the Runner-Up Award for Hot Technology Startup.

(We’re not technically a startup, mind you, having operated for three years with users in the thousands, but we’ll take it!)

This award means a lot to us here at Rocket Matter because the overall theme of the show cuts to our core: “Convergence in the Cloud”. The rapid growth of cloud computing, and the leveraging of this technology for legal business, are a conversation we’ve been part of since our launch.

Cloud computing is especially relevant for small businesses, who often do not have the brawny budgets needed for dedicated IT departments, hardware, software, security, and backup. Our SaaS legal practice management software helps solo and small law firms level the technology playing field and offers a virtually maintenance-free, affordable way to run their practices from anywhere they can access the web.

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