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Dropbox vs Box for Law Firms: A Comparison of Essential Features and Security Protocols

Dropbox and Box are the Coke and Pepsi of document storage, synching, and collaboration applications….

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How Boxcryptor Makes Dropbox More Secure For Law Firms

Dropbox is one of the most popular business apps used by attorneys. To allay security…

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How Lawyers Use Dropbox

Dropbox is an online storage vault for your files that syncs with a designated folder…

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Lawyers: Easy Dropbox Security Tips

It’s easier to swipe a client file from a desk or file cabinet than to…

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TrueCrypt: Secure Confidential Documents On Your Hard Drive And In Dropbox

For lawyers and anyone who works with sensitive documents, TrueCrypt, the free open-source disk encryption…

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Top 10 Dropbox Tips and Tricks

Dropbox is an excellent file storage, synching, and collaboration tool that you can use on…

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Collaborating on Documents With Multiple Dropbox Accounts on One Computer

I’ve become so dependent on Dropbox, that updating a long document – like an 80…

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Dropbox, the Popular Cloud Service For Lawyers Adds Another Layer of Protection

Dropbox, the widely adopted file-hosting service that syncs documents to the cloud has responded to…

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Dropbox Productivity Tips

Our lives are becoming increasingly digital. As with Evernote and Google Docs, Dropbox, a file…

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App of the Week: Access Documents on Your Mobile Device with Dropbox

Dropbox rocks. It’s a free service that lets you access the files, pictures, music and…

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6 Free Tools to Organize Your Digital Life

We’ve become extreme information consumers in today’s online world. Mobile adds to it as we…

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Why Dropbox Rocks For Law Offices

The following is an excerpt from a post originally appearing on The Mac Lawyer earlier…

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