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Funny Videos For Lawyers on a Friday

It’s Friday and the productivity theme of our blog notwithstanding (he writes, lawyerly), it’s the…

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5 Great Free Resources for Solo and Small Law Firm Attorneys

“The best things in life are free. But you can keep ’em for the birds…

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What To Do When You Shatter Your New iPhone

Over the weekend a colleague finally caved in to iPhone mania and replaced his Blackberry…

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A First-Time Visitor’s Checklist for ABA Techshow

It’s that time of year again…winter becomes spring, buds begin to pop out on trees,…

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Monkey Business and Marketing Genius: Why the Hangover 2 Trailer Incident Is Worth Studying

If you watched the original Hangover, two things probably happened: 1) you probably busted a…

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How To Use Facebook For Law Firms Part Two : 3 More Tips

For many of us, understanding how to use a blog to drive business on the…

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Another Reason to Put Down the Smartphone : You Could Get Sued

Readers of this blog and anyone who’s seen me speak about living “responsibly connected” know how I feel about the smartphone leash. Now it looks like the courts may back me up.

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Lawyer Mobility: How Attorneys Can Get in Trouble with Butt Calls (and Ghost Calls)

A danger lurks, threatening us all. It’s known as the “butt call”, or a call accidentally triggered by someone sitting on their cell phone or otherwise activating the speed dial with one’s anatomy that is, shall we say, not one’s finger.

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Be as Mobile as You Wanna Be. Just Don’t Be Stupid.

You would think I, as a purveyor of fine web-based legal practice management and time tracking software, would say nothing but good things when it comes to people using technology and “plugging in” to the cloud. But enough is enough. Too much of anything is bad, and the way we’re all glued to our electronic mobile devices has got to change.

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Another Reason to Turn off Your Mobile Device

One of the salient technology conversations of 2010 revolves around our newly found state of…

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