The most comprehensive assessments of Legal Technology in 2010

by rocketmatter-admin February 26, 2010

Amazing work by Reid Trautz for his piece Is the Apple iPad the Tipping Point? Practicing Law in the Cloud Goes Mainstream in 2010. It’s one of the most, if not THE most, comprehensive assessments of the state of legal and how it’s changing before our eyes. A snippet:

Right before our eyes a major transformation is occurring within the legal profession. I believe 2010 will emerge as a year that we will look back upon as a tipping point. A year where lawyers left behind the traditional confines of their office walls—no longer tethered by phone cords, computer cords, or real estate leases–to practice where and when it suits their needs and the needs of their clients. 2010 will be the year that being small, mobile, and almost expense-free went mainstream.

Several trends are intersecting to drive this major transformation. They include the rapid innovation of mobile technology, the changing perceptions of consumers, economic trends that are squeezing the bottom line for many law firms, and the rise of solo and small law firms started by big firm refugees. Let me identify and discuss how these trends are coming together to change the practice of law in fundamentals ways, and whether the Apple iPad is the tipping point in this change.

Amazing work Reid, thanks for your insights! Click here to read the full copy.

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