The State of Smartphones for Lawyers and The General Population

by rocketmatter-admin September 7, 2011

Last week comScore published their quarterly market analysis on the smartphone market.

Guess what? Smartphone usage is on the rise.

Mixed in with the obvious were some juicy tidbits, however. The number of people owning smartphones in in the three months ending with July 2011 increased 10% over the previous three month period. That’s a huge leap in a short period of time.

The Droid platform captured 41.8% of the smartphone market share versus 27% for Apple and 21.7% for RIM’s Blackberry. The Droid and Apple devices continue to gain traction as Blackberry continues to lose its once formidable lead.

That’s the case in the general population. However, when we compare this information to the legal vertical, we see a dramatic shift towards iPhone and Blackberry, which iPhone JD picked up on in July. The ABA’s Legal Technology Survey Report, conducted from January through May of 2011, shows RIM still in the lead with 40%, iPhones in second place with 31% of the market, and Android trailing with 15%.

For an industry frequently accused of being a technical laggard, the statistics paint another story. In terms of overall usage, lawyers have adopted mobile technology in near-ubiquitous numbers. In 2010, 79% of attorneys used smartphones for work, and in 2011 that number ballooned to 88%.

Arguing the side for technical laggardship, we know that law firms still widely rely on physical fax machines. But as The Onion pointed out, “fax machines are still pretty impressive if you think about it.” 😉

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