Wednesday Wisdom: Getting Started with the Tagging Feature in Rocket Matter

by rocketmatter-admin April 6, 2011

Web-based Tagging Meta-Data for Law Firms with Rocket MatterFor this installment of Wednesday Wisdom, we’ll take a look at getting started with the tagging feature.

Tagging is a powerful tool that enables your firm to better categorize, organize and retrieve information. In Rocket Matter, users can tag contacts, documents, tasks and calendar events. Here are some easy steps to guide you on getting started:

1. Come up with a unified naming structure for your tags based on your firm’s individual work style and flow. This is the most important step. Each firm will have its own individualized naming system system to identify files quickly and accurately. Its important to follow this structure uniformly.

2. Understand where your users need and should add tags. Not all items will necessarily need them, but most will probably benefit from being tagged properly. In general, always keep in mind that there may frequently come a time when you need to access documents or matters that share a common theme (tag). Therefore, the more structured detail you add to your content, the easier it will be to access it again in the future.

3. Begin implementing your unified naming structure by building a master tag list in Rocket Matter. Access this from your Admin screen on your user dashboard and clicking Manage My Tags. Here you can build your logical list of uniform tag names for all your users to draw from as needed. Common tags might be broad and general (Retail Clients, State Names), or more specific (Monday Meetings, March Trials).

4. Always share your firm’s individual naming structure with all of your users. It is important to achieve a level of synchronicity here. This will ensure other users will be able to access documents, matters, events or tasks under the agreed or decided upon tag structure. If a specific task needs to be accomplished in Monday Meetings, make sure your users are placing it there, rather than a more general tag like Meetings.

5. Going forward, periodically check your tag cloud for uniformity. The more users you have on board, the more important this step becomes. The goal here is not so much to police individual users, but to ensure that everyone at your firm can follow the general line of thought. Minimize variance on tagging items that need to be accessed by multiple users or departments within your firm.

Stay tuned for more Wednesday Wisdom tips on how to get the most from your Rocket Matter experience.

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