App of the Week: Support Your 2012 Fitness Goals with Active

Yesterday, we discussed how lawyers could improve their law firm productivity and personal well-being by training for a triathlon or 5k, and the positive reaction told us we were on to something. So today, we’re going to stick with the fitness theme for today’s mobile app: Last year in my quest to keep in […]

Why Lawyers Should Run a Triathlon (or 5k) in 2012

Lawyers, like other professionals, work better and clear a higher profit when they make better decisions. And you make better decisions when you’re less stressed. And you’re less stressed when you exercise. You also have more energy for work when you kick off the morning with a run or a circuit at the gym. And […]

Forget New Year's resolutions. Start now

Around this time of year we start thinking about compiling lists of things we want to do or change in the new year. These resolutions often remain just that – lists without much action. Prominent on most lists is getting and staying fit. On this blog we’re all about productivity and almost nothing is more […]

mindfulness lawyers

How Lawyers Can Use Mindfulness to Reduce Stress

“Mindfulness,” or paying attention in the present moment with an open mind, reduces our inclination to dwell on the past, and worry about the future. Mindfulness also increases focus and concentration, and, because it is investigative, it’s a good fit for attorneys. While people sometimes confuse mindfulness and relaxation, the practice of mindfulness increases concentration […]

Digital Nation: A Documentary Exploring Our Over-Connected Society

“Responsibly Connected” is a seminar I present which deals with how to use technology responsibly. The odd thing is, whenever I present on this topic, people come up to me afterwards and pour their hearts out about how Internet-connectedness has gotten to the point of interfering with the family. I feel like a therapist, not […]

5 Not-So-Obvious Things That Inspire Me

Inspiration is gratitude’s easy-to-mock cousin in personal self-fulfillment. It’s a lot more fun to be cynical than earnest. Just the other day I was LMAO at a mock inspirational poster showing a deflated Stormtrooper with the title “Regret: Those Were The Droids You Were Looking For”. Cynicism aside, however, in 2011 a little inspiration can […]

Lawyers, Law Students and Depression

Just last week, as Larry, co-founder of Rocket Matter, and I discussed his App of the Week post about nutrition, we went on a tangent about the work-life and wellness topics we’ve written about here and the need for more, as it speaks directly to productivity. And we’re all about productivity! We were especially burdened […]