Is Your Use of Technology Impacting Your Life Negatively? Free Webinar

Is your technology interfering with your life? Please join us by registering for this free webinar! When: Thursday, July 14th at 12PM EST Speaker: Larry Port of Rocket Matter Description: Lawyers in the 21st century need to be connected. Clients demand quick turnaround on issues, social media is essential for marketing, colleagues collaborate online, and […]

7 Yoga Poses to Enhance Productivity for Busy Legal Professionals

Feeling lethargic at 3PM? Instead of snarfing down M&M’s, try these 7 simple yoga poses which will invigorate and refresh even the stiffest and crustiest of legal professionals. This instructional video takes five minutes to watch and is demonstrated by Rocket Matter’s very own Rachel Papernick (coordinated and graceful) and myself, Larry Port (uncoordinated and […]

Is Technology Killing Lawyers? A Topic to Ignite A Discussion

When I ask “Is Technology Killing Lawyers,” I’m not talking about rogue cyborgsor some sort of singularity-born, time-traveling robot going around killing attorneys (though I’m not ruling out those possibilities either). Rather, I’m concerned that the very tools we use to increase our productivity and improve quality of life end up hurting us, and in […]

Thoughts About Work-Life Balance for Legal Professionals

Work-life balance is a popular topic on our site and at our company. We all work hard, but we don’t always keep rigid hours and we don’t always work “at the office.”   Instead, we leverage technology that gives us the ability to successfully collaborate while working work remotely.   The technology also has the ancillary […]