Seven Ways to Make Your Law Firm More Efficient – The Video

Readers of Legal Productivity know we’ve been hard at work on an online continuing legal education platform which we’re calling RocketCLE. It’s an extension of our educational and content philosophy embodied by this blog, our webinar series, and our Legal Productivity e-book. UPDATE: RocketCLE is now Rocket Academy. Today, RocketCLE is formally launched to the […]

4 Books That Will Make You Go "Whoa" Like Keanu Reeves

Sometimes you wanna read and get effortlessly carried away. Othertimes you might want to get your mind blown by an incredible work of non-fiction. At least I do, and judging by the success of recent books by Malcolm Gladwell and Steve Levitt, the Freakonomics guy, I’m not alone in that regard.

Overwhelmed with Technology? Free Webinar Tomorrow: Take Control of Your Time, Your Technology And Your Profits

How can you maximize the use of your technology while maintaining time to produce quality work, and minimizing the new risks inherent in electronic communications? Master Practice Advisor Dustin Cole takes a nuts-and-bolts, practical view of the issue, focusing his more than 20 years of hands-on experience to show you how to run a safe, profitable and enjoyable practice.

Get Back Into Your Reading Groove with these 5 Unputdownable Books

In my MILOFest presentation on living a responsibly connected life, I cited evidence put forth in Nick Carr’s 2010 book The Shallows asserting that intensive web usage can actually alter the brain, making it more difficult to maintain the extended concentration necessary to read a book. For me, reading is an antidote to the high-distraction […]

The Social Media Hangover, Legal Edition

When Facebook and Twitter started taking off in 2008 and 2009, users engaged in a mad scramble to embrace the networks, amass a bunch of followers/friends, and stay highly engaged. Now, as the dust begins to settle and we understand the utility of these tools, we have the opportunity to ask “what have social networks done for me lately” and scale back activity accordingly.