Is Technology Killing Lawyers? A Topic to Ignite A Discussion

When I ask “Is Technology Killing Lawyers,” I’m not talking about rogue cyborgsor some sort of singularity-born, time-traveling robot going around killing attorneys (though I’m not ruling out those possibilities either). Rather, I’m concerned that the very tools we use to increase our productivity and improve quality of life end up hurting us, and in […]

Thoughts About Work-Life Balance for Legal Professionals

Work-life balance is a popular topic on our site and at our company. We all work hard, but we don’t always keep rigid hours and we don’t always work “at the office.”   Instead, we leverage technology that gives us the ability to successfully collaborate while working work remotely.   The technology also has the ancillary […]

Seven Ways to Make Your Law Firm More Efficient – The Video

Readers of Legal Productivity know we’ve been hard at work on an online continuing legal education platform which we’re calling RocketCLE. It’s an extension of our educational and content philosophy embodied by this blog, our webinar series, and our Legal Productivity e-book. UPDATE: RocketCLE is now Rocket Academy. Today, RocketCLE is formally launched to the […]

4 Books That Will Make You Go "Whoa" Like Keanu Reeves

Sometimes you wanna read and get effortlessly carried away. Othertimes you might want to get your mind blown by an incredible work of non-fiction. At least I do, and judging by the success of recent books by Malcolm Gladwell and Steve Levitt, the Freakonomics guy, I’m not alone in that regard.