Be as Mobile as You Wanna Be. Just Don't Be Stupid.

You would think I, as a purveyor of fine web-based legal practice management and time tracking software, would say nothing but good things when it comes to people using technology and “plugging in” to the cloud. But enough is enough. Too much of anything is bad, and the way we’re all glued to our electronic mobile devices has got to change.

How to Unplug From the Net via Spirituality

The idea of using a 5,000 year-old rule to combat 21st century information overload was definitely intriguing. And upon reflection, if Joe Lieberman could take a day a week off during a presidential campaign, couldn’t I at least take a day a week and live without the Internet or TV?

Another Reason to Turn off Your Mobile Device

One of the salient technology conversations of 2010 revolves around our newly found state of constant Internet connectivity. We love our iPhones, Droids, and Blackberries, but apparently they’re not so good for us when abused. Kind of like chocolate. Or booze. Exhibit A: A recent article in the New York Times declares Digital Devices Deprive […]