Presenting anxiety solutions

Anxious About Presenting?

The fear of public speaking is so great that we fear it more than death. But for lawyers, it’s inescapable – in court, at bar and trade association events, in meetings, addressing clients, the list goes on. The good news is there are tried and true ways to help you prepare and lessen your anxiety. […]

productivity habits

Getting to Productivity

There’s no shortage of tips and practices out there to help turn you into a productivity ninja, including on this blog, but before running the race you have to get to the starting block. Here are five essential habits to get you fit and ready for the productivity sprint. Get at least seven hours of […]

7 Ways To Handle Stress and Avoid Attorney Burnout (Infographic)

There’s no getting around it: lawyers are among the most stressed-out people in the country. With long hours and the insane amounts of mental and physical stress that accompany them, it’s no wonder that attorneys may experience extreme job dissatisfaction, poor interpersonal relationships, and also poor health. Since the good folks at Rocket Matter are […]

7 Ways Lawyers Can Handle Stress and Avoid Attorney Burnout

Back in 1990, a study by Johns Hopkins found that lawyers were the most likely occupation to suffer from depression. Add to that some of the highest rates of suicide, alcohol abuse, and divorce (according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), and you’ve got yourself a group of individuals who lead less than […]

anxious lawyer meditation

10 Practical Meditation Takeaways From "The Anxious Lawyer"

Meditation relieves stress and anxiety, increases focus and productivity, and helps you let go of bad habits. There are other benefits, including the ultimate goal of transforming the way you see yourself and the world. But you already know that or some of it and you’ve yet to start a meditation practice. Is it because […]

Your Collective: Build Relationships at the Firm to Do Great Work

You need strong, thriving relationships in order to produce great work. Build your Collective! So says Todd Henry on an episode of the excellent podcast series, The Accidental Creative. He identified three kinds of relationships: mirrors, circles, and guides, that go into creating your collective. Here’s a summary along with some thoughts adapted to law […]

corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility: How is Your Firm Giving Back?

“Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to a business practice that involves participating in initiatives that benefit society.” Whether big or small, law firms should consider devoting a portion of their time and resources to giving back and improving the lives of those around them. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to donate large sums of […]

happy holidays - lawyer gifts

Affordable Gifts For Legal Productivity Geeks – 2015 Edition

It’s that time of year again, and we have a bunch of awesome, affordable gift ideas for fun-loving lawyers, legal professionals and productivity geeks. We’ve spent more time (and fun, since as Maslow notes, Almost all creativity involves purposeful play) than we care to admit compiling this list. Hope you find something useful and fun […]