Webinar: Only Human – How Lawyers Can Recharge Physically, Emotionally, and Socially

As an attorney, you have endless responsibilities and obligations, difficult cases and challenging clients. In the midst of all this, it is easy to forget that you are only human; and while you may possess many intellectual super powers; your emotions, your physical being, and your social life can get overwhelmed and depleted. Taking care […]

Mac Preview

How to Edit and Annotate Images on a Mac Using Preview

We’re all content creators these days – social media, blogs, website and marketing copy, the list goes on – and content craves images. Images that need to be resized, color or exposure adjusted, text added, and other edits. If you own a Mac, the default image viewing application, Preview, will do the job just fine. […]

Tips For ABA TECHSHOW Attendees and Vendors

ABA TECHSHOW is one of my favorite legal conferences with great sessions and keynotes, and unparalleled networking. I’ve attended in various capacities over the years, and during last year’s event where we had a booth, I took some notes. Hope this helps you navigate this year’s event in a more rewarding and productive way. The […]

Working Remotely: Traits of an Effective Telecommuter

This series on “Working Remotely” is inspired by “Remote,” the book by the 37Signals guys, and by my own experience working remotely for many years. Ask anyone who slogs through tiresome commutes day after day if he or she would like work from home, and you’ll get a near unanimous, “heck yes!” But do they […]

Legal Writing Tip: Use Block Quotations Effectively

I don’t know about you, but when I come across a block quotation — in a memo, a brief, or in passing on the street — my eyelids get heavy and my head droops. Wake me up when it’s over. Most readers have the same reaction. So what’s a legal writer to do? You can […]

App of the Week: SpeakWrite – Transcribe Audio or Video Into Quick Blog Posts or Documents

SpeakWrite is a mobile app (audio only) and web-based (audio and video) service that quickly transcribes audio and video files into text for blog posts, meeting notes, legal documents, and a whole lot more. Actual human typists set SpeakWrite apart from the many automated transcription services out there. It’s done in four easy steps: Create […]

Working Remotely: The Many Benefits

This series on “Working Remotely” is inspired by “Remote,” the book by the 37Signals guys, and by my own experience working remotely for many years. After working for almost two decades in the offices of large entities – federal courts, law school, and law firm – I left to work for an entity of one: […]

Don't Let Sitting At Your Desk Become a Pain in The Neck

We’ve become sedentary creatures at work and at home. We hunch over our desktop computers at work sitting for hours on end and do the same at home on our laptops and tablets – Facebook-ing and Twittering or binge watching shows on Netflix. All of that sitting can become a royal pain in the neck. […]