App of the Week: 30/30 – Simple Task Management

Here at Rocket Matter, we have seen the upside and downside to multitasking. While we have the ability to switch between tasks, we do not have the ability to attend to all of them effectively. Kick your multitasking habit to the curb with 30/30, the simple task management app from Binary Hammer. We’ve featured the […]

evernote for conferences

Use Evernote for a Rewarding Conference Experience

You can use Evernote to take meeting notes, record ideas, manage to-do lists and store or track just about any information at home or work. You can also use it to make your conference attendance more meaningful and productive. Here’s how: Conference logistics – Don’t scramble to find your flight information, hotel address, and conference […]

Working Remotely: A Productive Home Office

This series on “Working Remotely” is inspired by “Remote,” the book by the 37Signals guys, and by my own experience working remotely for many years. Remote workers’ office pad can be a coffee shop, library, co-working space, or some combination. But for most, it’s their home. Here are a few best practices for setting up […]

Mind Mapping

App of the Week: MindNode – Post-It Notes on Steroids

I’m more of a list-taking, Evernote user, but the more visually inclined swear by mind maps. MindMeister – which I’ve used – is the granddaddy of mind maps. It’s great, but if you need to create more than three mind maps, you’ll have to subscribe to a monthly plan. Or, for a one-time fee of […]

Webinar: Only Human – How Lawyers Can Recharge Physically, Emotionally, and Socially

As an attorney, you have endless responsibilities and obligations, difficult cases and challenging clients. In the midst of all this, it is easy to forget that you are only human; and while you may possess many intellectual super powers; your emotions, your physical being, and your social life can get overwhelmed and depleted. Taking care […]