blog post checklist

12-Point Blog Post Checklist

It’s time to write a blog post and you’ve opened your Evernote blog post ideas notebook as you settle in to compose the first draft. From that moment to publishing the post and spreading the word, you need to remember a few important steps to take. Here’s a checklist to follow every time you write […]

mindfulness lawyers

How Lawyers Can Use Mindfulness to Reduce Stress

“Mindfulness,” or paying attention in the present moment with an open mind, reduces our inclination to dwell on the past, and worry about the future. Mindfulness also increases focus and concentration, and, because it is investigative, it’s a good fit for attorneys. While people sometimes confuse mindfulness and relaxation, the practice of mindfulness increases concentration […]


Top 10 Legal Podcasts

Trying to maintain a current, relevant legal blog is hard enough.  Podcasts require a whole other level of commitment. Not surprisingly the landscape is littered with dated efforts. However there are a few legal podcasts that continue to churn out quality programming. Here are our Top 10 picks: 1. Lawyer2Lawyer –  With over 300 podcasts […]