Webinar: Grammatical – Concise – Lively: A Down and Dirty Editing Course For Lawyers

In this program, Gary Kinder answers the seven questions about grammar lawyers have always wanted someone else to ask, teaches lawyers how to remove unnecessary words to ensure their writing is concise, and shows lawyers how to enliven their sentences. When: Thursday, November 14, 2013 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT Speaker: Gary Kinder, WordRake […]

Slides from "Android for Lawyers" Webinar

Here is the slide deck from the webinar – Android for Lawyers – by “The Droid Lawyer,” Jeff Taylor, who discusses the basics of the Android system, compares devices and features, and reviews a few favorite apps for lawyers using Android. A recording will be up shortly on Rocket Academy. Android for Lawyers from Rocket […]

Play and Creativity: Try Improv When Stuck at Work

Do you wake up every morning on autopilot, dreading the monotony of the day ahead? Do you play it safe, pumping out “sufficient” solutions to problems that are presented to you? Are you a creative person, but drawing a blank on new ideas? If this sounds like you, do not be troubled! There is a […]

How to Use SIRI to Manage Your App Settings and Your Life

So you’ve updated your iPhone to iOS 7 and gotten lost in the new design. I can relate, having spent hours playing with each new feature to see just what was so great about the latest iOS release. What I didn’t fully appreciate until recently, were the new changes made to SIRI, along with enhancements […]

App of the Week: oneSafe Password Manager – Secure Your Logins, Documents and Pictures

The best – and most secure – way to manage your myriad logins is to use a password manager. Fortunately, there are a few good options to choose from. We’ve talked about 1Password and Dashlane. There’s also the popular LastPass. (the premium model is subscription based.) Another great option, is oneSafe, the most affordable of […]

Does Your Blog Need a Comment Policy?

The ability to comment on a piece of work separates a dynamic blog from a static website. Comments also put the “social” in “social media,” an umbrella that blogs often fall under. But does monitoring trolls and spam make comments more trouble than they’re worth? Some, like Popular Science, have settled their own internal debate […]