App of the Week: Mailbox – Tame Your Crazy Inbox

Apple stores are known for long lines of rabid fans (some camping out for days) waiting to be the first ones to get their hands on the latest new and shiny device. Can you imagine a line that long for an app? Mailbox managed to do just that this year. Over 800,000 people signed up […]

Twitter List of NLJ 50 Legal Business Trailblazers & Pioneers

The Top 50 Legal Business Trailblazers & Pioneers (PDF) didn’t make the National Law Journal list by being quiet. They “moved the needle” in facilitating the changing ways that law firms conduct business.” And where better to not be quiet and share trailblazing thoughts than Twitter? Apparently the National Law Journal didn’t think so. As […]

Top 20 Legal Productivity Mobile Apps of 2013

It’s that time of year again, time to choose the most popular mobile apps for lawyers from Legal Productivity Blog’s App of the Week series. We’ve expanded to the top 20 apps this year to shine the spotlight on more deserving apps. Here they are: the top 20 most popular apps of 2013 based on page views. […]

Webinar Slides: Design for Lawyers

Here’s the slide deck from today’s webinar: Design For Lawyers – How to Be A Better Attorney with Better Visuals, by Larry Port. Larry discusses how to use design and visuals to effectively communicate with clients, build trust and maximize efficiency. The recording is in post-production and will be available on Rocket Academy next week, […]

How Much Twitter Engagement is Too Much?

Just about every social media guru tout “engagement” as a critical factor in establishing and maintaining a meaningful and rewarding Twitter presence. But with endless back and forth and a barrage of #hashtag-enabled Twitter chats dominating your Twitter stream, how much engagement is too much? This question borders on sacrilege coming from an avid social […]

How is Your Legal Health?

Staying in shape means more than physical well-being. Your legal health is also very important. If you keep legally fit, you can avoid problems that could be very costly in terms of your time and money. Here are a tips on how to get legally healthy and stop problems before they start. It you want […]