Four Ways to Properly Control Your Clients’ Documents

Clients share documents with you in various ways, often via email or cloud document-sharing services. Once you receive the files, however, you gain the most control when you use an enterprise cloud collaboration application. Over the last year or two, clients have become increasingly comfortable with cloud services. They use them to share vacation photos, […]

Journey to Meaningful Work

When Pamela Slim (Escape from Cubicle Nation) and Mitch Joel (Ctrl Alt Delete: Reboot Your Business. Reboot Your Life) – two people I’ve admired for a long time – get together, good things happen, as it did in this terrific podcast: Your Body Of Work With Pamela Slim. I caught Pamela’s Facebook update that the […]

Should You Get "WordPress in One Hour For Lawyers"?

I’ll spare you the suspense. Yes, get the book! I relished the opportunity to read and review this book for two reasons: the sleepless nights I spent years ago pulling out my hair trying to learn the software and build my own WordPress blog and website, and the author – Jennifer Ellis. I’ve known Jennifer […]

Getting Fit on 10,000 Steps a Day

Exercise is one of the three pillars of health. (The other two, according to Czeisler at the Harvard Medical School, are exercise and eating well.) And, better health and well-being lead to increased productivity. But, if you’re not a gym rat or have gimpy knees that keep you from training for a marathon, walking will […]