Free Webinar: How to Design Your Own Blog and Website with Headway

We’re very excited to have the Co-Founder of Headway Themes this Friday to demonstrate how to design your own blog and website with Headway! Click here to register Host: Grant Griffiths, Co-Founder of Headway Themes When: Friday, November 5th at 12PM EST CLE: NONE Description: Want a blog and website you can update and modify without having to […]

Your Twitter Follower Stats – What They Mean

To anyone on Twitter, raise your hand if you don’t pay attention to your number of followers. No matter how not vain you claim to be, your follower number is something that tugs oh-so-gently at your consciousness. To those using Twitter for a while, it becomes obvious that you can quickly increase your followers in […]

Legal Cloud Computing Ethics and the NY State Bar

I’m encouraged that New York and North Carolina are developing rational, well-measured opinions on legal cloud computing that protect the interest of attorneys and establish a level of reliability for the vendors themselves. However, the ABA’s recent suggestions that cloud providers are essentially outsourced providers requiring oversight seems a little impractical to me. The point of cloud computing for lawyers is to make life easier and eliminate headaches.

Legal Project Management: Fad or Trend?

This week The New York Law Journal featured a great piece, “A Practical Approach to Legal Project Management”, making a compelling argument that LPM is more than a fad, it’s a trend. We completely agree with the authors that downward price pressures on legal services and alternative fees are driving the need for law firms to become more efficient.