Leadership For Lawyers: Admit When You’re Wrong

One of the toughest things to do in business is admit when you’re wrong. It’s also the gutsiest, and one of the most appreciated traits in a leader. And let’s face it, we’re human, so each and every one of us is fallible. If you think you’re never wrong, be aware you’re the only person […]

Happiness for Legal Professionals

Let’s face it: you don’t need to be depressed to want more happiness in life. Every stage of life has its own preoccupations, its own pressures. Whether you’re attempting to juggle kids and a job, have to take care of an older parent, or are struggling to start your career, modern life takes us for […]

Internet Marketing For Lawyers – Discover Ten Sites Defining The New Internet

Consumers are blogging, posting, digging and searching at unprecedented rates. The next wave of an internet explosion is upon us. The legal industry must keep up and swiftly apply the latest technology. This important session will cover search engine optimization, online networking and video content. What You’ll Learn You’ll discover what Web 2.0 means for […]

Come Visit us at the Florida Bar 2010 Annual Meeting

We’re looking forward to exhibiting a convention in our own hometown of Boca Raton, FL! For the next three days we’ll be exhibiting at the Florida Bar Annual Meeting at the Boca Raton Resort and Club. (A great place to stay if you’re ever in the neighborhood). We’re proud of our involvement with the Florida […]

Tip: Recharge Your Thinking with an Analog Vacation

I’ve heard about people “going off the grid” or taking an “analog vacation” to purge themselves of all things digital. Now that “The Shallows” made its forceful case for the unparalleled “scatterbraining” power of the Internet, look for more Facebook status updates from your friends and colleagues going AWOL online. As a provider of web-based, […]

Are Lawyers Getting Scatterbrained Because of Web Usage?

If you’ve noticed an increased inability to concentrate, you’re not alone. And for lawyers, where time is literally money, procrastination and lack of focus can hamper productivity and damage revenues. A growing chorus of scientific evidence confirms what you may already suspect: that massive consumption of the web, email, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, or other online […]

How to Avoid A Lawyer Meltdown – Learn How to Delegate With Allison Shields

o you know how to delegate effectively? Many lawyers don’t. Being able to let go of work that others can do and knowing how to follow up are key abilities in learning how to lessen workloads and reclaim your life. Allison Shields of LegalEase Consulting Inc. and the popular website LawyerMeltdown.com hosted Rocket Matter’s May Webinar […]