2009 Predictions for Online Legal Practice Management

We at Rocket Matter would like to extend our thanks to Ben Stevens, for inviting us to guest post on The Mac Lawyer blog (which recently joined the prestigious ranks of the ABA Journal Blawg 100).  Our topic:  2009 Predictions for Online Legal Practice Management.  The high level (but you gotta read the rich detail […]

Productivity Tip: Why Case Management Software Trumps Outlook

This snippet is an older SOLOSEZ post (July 2008) from Ross Kodner, Microlaw founder and legal technology guru.  His excellent, no-nonsense advice is a regular feature on the ABA’s SOLOSEZ listserv. Here, Ross talks about the importance of a firm getting it right from the start.  He advises using dedicated legal practice management software,  instead […]

Productivity Tip: Top 10 Ways to Stay Energized from Lifehacker

Sometimes you come across the perfect article at the perfect time.  Today was one of those chain-coffee-drinking vitamin-B12-popping struggles to get through the tasks until I came across Lifehacker’s Top 10 Ways to Stay Energized. My favorite tip is “Master the power nap”, complete with a link to the Boston Globe’s Napping Cheat Sheet.  Though it […]

LTR posts article on Software as a Service (SaaS) for Lawyers

The ABA’s Legal Technology Resource Center has posted a great and comprehensive article about Software-as-a-Service and web based practice management for law firms.  It is a great article for any firm considering a move to legal SaaS.  A brief snippet from their introduction: …there are a number of drawbacks to traditional legal software: substantial up […]

Lawyers using Smartphones and Web Legal Software

Jordan Furlong, in his highly observant and clever blog Law21, recently posted about the smartphone era in which lawyers find themselves.  Heralded by the iPhone, the era of smartphones is clearly having an impact already on the practice of law, beyond just emails on Blackberrys. Here’s a snippet from Jordan’s post: …With the smartphones of […]

Independence Day thoughts from John Adams

John Adams, who has become a better-understood founding father as of late due to the wonderful David McCullough book and HBO Miniseries, had the following predictions some 232 years ago.  He envisioned future generations celebrating the 2nd of July, the date on which the Continental Congress actually voted for independence:  The Second Day of July […]

Cloud Computing vs “In The Cloud”

Our language appears to be evolving.  I notice a growing trend of people referring to software that runs “in the cloud” when discussing software delivered over the web, or Software-as-a-Service. “In the cloud” appears to be a very useful expression, because it sounds like a location you can put things:  e.g. Joe put his data […]

Online Collaboration Tools for Lawyers

As providers of Legal SaaS, we’re always on the lookout for great web-based technologies lawyers can leverage to optimize their practices.  We’ve covered Drop.io for file transfer and MindMeister for mind-mapping in the past.  These technologies, and many more, are highlighted in a Law.com article written by Tom Mighell.  A short sample from the article, […]

Congratulations to Ultimate Software!

Another South Florida SaaS company, Ultimate Software, recently was awarded the best medium-sized business to work for in America on Monday by The Great Place to Work Institute.  We know firsthand that Ultimate was a great place to work, as my co-founder and I met and worked there. So congratulations to our South Florida SaaS […]