Advantage #7 of Using a Legal SaaS Product: Eliminate “Phone Pong”

You know when your software breaks in your office, so you call the software vendor, then the IT consultant, then perhaps even a Certified consultant, and they all tell you to call each other and someone else? We call this phone pong. Rocket Matter integrates your contacts, calendar, phone messaging, time tracking, reporting, invoice creation, […]

It’s Official: Small Businesses Save Money by Using Cloud Solutions

Computerworld recently featured an article discussing how small businesses, by leverage the cloud and Software as a Service, are able to cut their IT costs.  The following quote says it best: Third party clouds, however, can now do everything a business needs. The smaller the company, the more they should look to hosted “cloud” providers […]

Advantage #33 of using a Legal SaaS Product: Work Remotely

(This blog post was written by Mike Shiner, Rocket Matter Product Specialist) Working remotely has many benefits.  But if you don’t have the right systems in place it may hinder your productivity. Whether you want to work remotely because of lifestyle choice, multiple office locations, business trip, conference you’re attending, or even a (*gasp*) vacation, […]

Recent Surge of Legal Cloud Computing Articles Tout Advantages of Online Case Management Software

  The past week saw three excellent articles published on the security, advantages, and viability of online case management software, also known as cloud-based or SaaS software. Nicole Black, in her insightful Practicing Law in the 21st Century blog, wrote a piece called “Should Lawyers Be Wary of SaaS?”, which resulted in a very lively […]

GTD for Legal: The Weekly Review and Wrap-Up

We hoped you enjoyed our discussion this week of Getting Things Done for Lawyers!  Each day this week, we explored different aspects of GTD, hosted on prominent Legal Blogs.  Below are the links: Day 1: Commencing GTD Week – Getting Things Done for Lawyers Day 2: How and Why a Lawyer Should Implement a GTD […]

GTD for Legal: Do it, defer it, and delegate it; the two minute rule; and organizing your practice

As part of our weeklong legal efficiency-fest, we’re discussing the Getting Things Done productivity system in the context of a law firm.  Each day this week, we’ll write guest posts at prominent legal blogs exploring the system in more detail. Today we’re very excited for a new guest blog experience at Lawyerist, a very progressive […]