Rocket Matter Atlas 2.0

Rocket Matter Atlas 2.0 Delivers Online Payment Plans and More

Rocket Matter, the first-ever cloud-based practice management software for lawyers, continues to pioneer legal tech with the announcement of their Atlas 2.0 release. The leading legal software company enables law firms to set up automated online recurring billing for their clients, a set-and-forget technology that provides payment plans and regular monthly payments. More information can […]

Kuri - Cute Robot for Lawyers at CES 2017

What's in it for Lawyers at CES 2017

We’re barely into the new year, which means it’s time for the planet (or the developed world, at least) to get its collective geek on and marvel at the latest electronics at CES. If you’ve been living in a cave for the past decade or so, CES is the Consumer Electronics Show.  It’s where newfangled […]

legal billing problems

Corporate Client: "Law Firms are Terrible at Billing." How to Fix It

Billing conversations are critical to a positive relationship between law firms and clients and yet law firms are terrible at this. So proclaims Alex Dimitrief, General Electric’s general counsel. And he should know: the company farms out work to more than 200 firms worldwide. Mr. Dimitrier identified two primary legal billing problems: transparency and timeliness. […]

legal billing practices

15 Legal Billing Practices: The Good and the Bad

Bad legal billing practices have plagued law firm operations and, in turn, law firm growth for decades. Entering time, collecting time sheets, and assembling bills can steal inordinate amounts of otherwise productive time, even from the most ambitious lawyers. Clients routinely wait months to be billed after the relevant work was performed, and that results […]

legal work

When GCs Hire Law Firms Instead of Keeping Legal Work In-House

The traditional law firm model has been in turmoil for years and there’s no slowing down the pace of change. A contributing factor to the turbulence, or the result of which, is the evolving role of general counsels and corporate legal departments. Instead of blindly continuing law firm spend for the same issue or farming […]