Lawyers: Get Paid Faster with Custom Invoices

As an attorney, you have your own personal brand. Everything from your business card to your website, to the way you dress and speak to others says something about you. Every moment of exposure you have with clients is an opportunity to reinforce your brand. So why would you send out ugly invoices? You might […]

Using Reporting and Analytics For Better Law Firm Collections

Use Reporting and Analytics For Better Law Firm Collections

Reviewing stacks of financial reports for pertinent information is rarely a pleasurable experience. Knowing exactly what you should be focusing on to start driving your firm’s payments and collections, however, can save you lots of time and effort. And following a precise trail of data closely over time can help you stay on top of […]

Get Paid Faster: Four Convenient Legal Payment Plan Options

Part of providing a superior customer service experience is offering convenient payment options to your clients. You also get paid faster. Win-win. Here are four convenient legal payment plans besides paying by check that law firms can offer clients. LawPay – LawPay is a complete end-to-end credit card processing program built for law firms to […]

9 Vital Numbers for Your Law Firm's Health (Infographic)

A recent Georgetown Law study estimated that law firms collect only 71 percent of the work they perform. Law firms can solve this problem by gathering and analyzing data and using the information to identify areas for improvement. Here are 9 vital numbers that all law firms should be looking at to gain a thorough […]

5 Billing Mistakes Solos and Small Firms Make

When asked if billing is important, most attorneys would readily agree, but it is one of the least prioritized tasks in many small firms and solo practices. The processes and procedures that are put in place regarding billing, however, are proof of the old cliché “actions speak louder than words.” You might not be doing […]

webinar - law practice management design and workflows

[Webinar Wrap-Up] Law Firm Accounting With QuickBooks

Here are the slide decks from today’s presentation, the latest in our Legal Productivity webinar series, on Law Firm Accounting: How Lawyers Use QuickBooks, with Chris Gruenke and Rivka Chaya Bushell. Quickbooks for Lawyers from Rocket Matter, LLC Summary: Learn how to get setup preferences, bank accounts, credit cards, expense accounts, invoicing, vendors, month-end reconciliation, […]

Law firm accounting with Quickbooks

[Webinar] Law Firm Accounting: How Lawyers Use QuickBooks

Handling finances can be a daunting task for solo practitioners and small and medium size law firm lawyers. Many turn to QuickBooks, like over 80% of small businesses do, to balance their books and manage the firm’s finances. In this complimentary, fast-paced 30-minute webinar, learn how lawyers use QuickBooks to manage their law practice accounting. […]